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December 28, 2009

While The Cat’s Away…

Michael Kurtianyk

In case you missed it, there is an empty seat in the House of Delegates. Yes! Now former Del. Rick Weldon, who represented his constituents (southern Frederick and Washington Counties), has accepted the role as City of Frederick’s chief administrative officer. So, the Frederick and Washington County Republican Central Committees must choose from the top three candidates put forth by a nominating committee.


How I’d love to be on that committee. Alas….


Anyway, the process continues with all candidates being interviewed with a final selection to be made January 6. That candidate’s name will then be submitted to the governor, who has 15 days to make it official.


So far, the names mentioned are current County Commissioner Charles Jenkins, Republican Central Committee members Michael Hough and Katie Nash, and former County Commissioner John Lovell. The nominating committee (Billy Shreve, chairman; Dick Cheney; Penny Pitman of the Washington County Republican Central Committee; Frederick County State’s Attorney Charlie Smith; and Sandy Dalton, clerk of the Frederick County Circuit Court ) is a strong group of local leaders. Their collective wisdom should provide the constituents with a strong candidate.


Not that I have a vote, but from the group, I view Katie Nash as the best candidate. She knows the issues and what is important to the county. She was impressive on Pressing Issues as a fellow panelist, and I knew I had to have my “A” game whenever we were together on the show. She will bring a fresh perspective and a much-needed boost of energy to her constituents.


On the Holiday Season…


It was great seeing snow on Christmas this year. Many people were forced to wait until the last minute to do their Christmas shopping, and the snow plows did a great job with the roads. I hope that new beets-and-molasses concoction worked on the local roads.


More than any other year, I find myself recalling the days of my youth at odd moments. Has this ever happened to you? I was cracking some hazelnuts with my girls, and I remembered times when I was (probably) their age and did the same thing with my parents.


The same thing happened when I was opening gifts Christmas morning. I remembered the joy from opening presents and my dad’s smile. I think it was his favorite day of the year. Is this what happens as you get older? Do you get more of these types of recollections?


If so, I’ll gladly take more of them….


Quick Hits…


Saddened by the death of George Michael, local and national sportscaster. He was ESPN before there was an ESPN. I guess the good Lord needed a Sports Machine in heaven….


Recently my wife and I went to a service at Evangelical Lutheran in Middletown. As I sat there, I turned to my wife and said: “OK, let me get this straight. We’re Catholics. In a Lutheran church. On the first day of Hanukkah.” It was then that my head started to spin….


How is it that in one night, the rain can wipe away all the snow that fell only a week before….


Saddened by the death of Vic Chesnutt, whom I’d heard about because Michael Stipe of REM has produced his first two albums. In a wheelchair since he was in a car accident at the age of 18, he wrote some of the most poignant songs. I guess the good Lord needed a songwriter….


At the time of this writing, authorities are still trying to piece together why a Nigerian man would light an incendiary device before the plane landed in Detroit. Just crazy…


It’s a sad world when even the Pope can get knocked down before Christmas Mass….


Kudos to the Town of Middletown and Comcast for coming to an agreement for a location in town to improve cable TV lines….


Looking back, it does seem that the Board of County Commissioners works well with many of the municipalities, just not on growth….


Brutal loss by the Redskins against the Giants on Monday night….


Is the Syracuse (my alma mater) basketball team really that good? They’re ranked fifth in the nation. I guess we’ll have to see what March Madness brings….


I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!


See you next year!


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