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October 17, 2002

Is You Is Or Is You Ainít For Local Control?

Mike Kuster

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett could play the role of the Texas Governor in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. If you recall, that politician's theme song was "The Side-Step."

Our illustrious congressman sings the same song as he attempts to woo voters into blindly casting their ballot for him in three weeks.

He has been stumping all over the district making excuses for his inability to bring any relief to Western Maryland's needs. My favorite excuse is for voting NO on the "No Child Left Behind" Act. He claimed it would cost a lot of money and that it did not respect local control.

Congressman Bartlett states that the federal government is too big. He believes that the role of local government should be greater than that of federal government.

Or does he?

Congressman Bartlett's Side Step . . .

Step One Ė Take One Step Forward:

Does Congressman Bartlett Favor Local Control?

He states publicly that he believes the federal government should not be deciding how to spend money once it is passed to the state and local governments. He did not vote for President Bush's (really Senator Joseph Liebermanís) education bill. Was it because of federal spending mandates or because the Congressman believes in leaving children behind?

It's hard to tell why Congressman Bartlett voted "no" because this bill is multi-faceted. There could have been a list of reasons he had for voting against it.

Step Two Ė Slide Quickly to One Side (so as to avoid the tomatoes):

So, letís examine a vote just on local control.

The U.S. House of Representatives recently voted on a bill to keep federal laws on HMO's from interfering with state laws. The bill was in response to HR 4600 which caps the award amounts in law suits against HMO's.

Congressman Bartlett voted NO. By the way, Congressman Robert Ehrlich, currently the Republican candidate for Maryland governor, voted NO, too.

When the local control pitch came for Congressman Bartlett, he mistook it for a ball and struck out!

This was purely a vote on respecting the right of a state to decide how much is too much.

Congressman Bartlett decided that the federal government knows best.

So much for local control! So much for conservatism!

Who are you voting for, Congressman; those of us who may need to sue our HMO or some fat-cat sitting on the board of our HMO? It seems you have forgotten those in this community who rely on you to protect their rights. Is MAMSI your constituent or are Jane and Joe Voter?

I am sick of the Bartlett Side-Step!

Frederick County should be sick of the Bartlett Side-Step!

Marylandís 6th District is sick of the Bartlett Side-Step!

(Editorís Note: Mr. Kuster was elected a member of the Frederick County Democratic State Central Committee on September 10.)

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