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December 17, 2009

Fuel for the Election Fires

Joan Marie Aquilino

The week before Christmas and all is good with the world; well, not so much. We’ve got nothing much changing in the economy except the imaginary grading system President Barack Obama has in his own mind. I’m good, I’m special and – doggonit – I’m worth it. Voters’ remorse is apparent and becoming louder by the day.




Starting with the healthcare bill, the American public would have to be as gullible as they were in the last election to fall for the crap they are shoveling. I guess their insurance-covered Botox helps them keep a straight face as they sell us this bill of goods.


Why couldn’t they take a small step at a time? Open health insurance up to cross state lines and give an a-la-carte approach to selection of insurances and benefits. A man of 60 doesn’t need invitro, anymore than a woman of 20 needs prostrate coverage. Allow family members to buy into health insurance with other immediate family. You can put a life mate on your insurance, but a child can’t put a parent on their policy, nor can a parent put a child after a certain age. Fix the little stuff first.


What do I know I’m just a common citizen without all that ………… actually what exactly is it that makes these lawmakers different from you and me? Oh, yes, I remember now, nothing, other than they don’t abide by the same rules, regulations and laws they dole out to the rest of us.




The county couldn’t break Frederick City and its residences on annexations, so it’ll just change the rules. The commissioners implemented a countywide Adequate School Ordinance dating back prior to the annexations. Now how convenient is that. The oddest part of this is that the Board of Education wanted nothing to do with it. The agency that benefits the most wanted nothing to do with it and refused to support it.


Right or wrong the municipalities have the right to govern themselves and, if the Board of County Commissioner were any good at what they do, they’d know how to handle this and work with everyone involved for the best possible end product instead of possibly breaking the law or flexing their governing muscles.


Of course, for all the false bravado by one commissioner the annexations didn’t get the signatures he assured everyone would just roll in and his attempt to control the city failed. To top it off he missed county meetings while fighting City Hall and spent time at their election polls trashing candidates and getting signatures to pad his own campaign lists.


That was one of the sleaziest maneuvers I’ve ever witnessed by a local politician. We’ll never know the truth on that little escapade.


Confidence is one thing, but the arrogance of extravagance is over the top especially when you accuse everyone else of standing in your way and nothing is ever your fault.


I hope voters are seeing the pattern that has developed in connection with a particular commissioner and his personal arrogance, poor work ethics and lack of attention to county business. As many have mentioned all you have to do to make him miss a meeting is to criticize him, he’ll be MIA the next day. Luckily, I come out on Thursdays, so he has no official meeting to miss the next day.


Follow the Developers Rights and Responsibility Amendment, the Wasted to Energy discussions, all recycling efforts, and, of course, the latest Frederick City annexations, the past ones with Thurmont, and New Market just to name a few and you’ll see how little is accomplished and how often he fails.




The state, the county and most everyone is in financial trouble, but leave it to our Board of Education to find money to pay for parking. Wow, it’s amazing how this money just keeps falling from the skies for them. See what happens when you pad, tweak, maneuver, manipulate and lie.


One of those many windfalls money bags they found last year was used to forward fund the Central Office (not to help the children, teachers or education, mind you) this latest one is being used to fund the new parking deck for up to 280 parking spaces at a cost of $80 per space, per month times how many years? You do the math. I guess their comfort and that of their vehicle is educating our children? How about they park at Harry Grove and use a school bus to transport them to their ‘special’ office.




The 2011 superintendent/Board of Education budget dance has already started in which the teachers, students and parents will be threatened with loss of jobs, increased class size, cutting sports and programs. Nary, a word will be mentioned about the superintendent taking a pay cut or that the central office building be slowed, stopped, used as an annex short term replacement for Lincoln Elementary, or that the job cuts and furloughs will take place first with the central office personnel instead of at school building levels.


The superintendent is good at what she does as much as I hate to admit it. She divides and concurs like few others, and she’ll continue to win; and we the general public will continue to pay. If ‘her’ own board lets her get away with it, who are we to stop her? This has nothing to do with children. It has to do with absolute control and obedience to the throne camouflaged as education.


Merry Christmas to us, enjoy less and expect to pay more for it.


…’til next time . . .


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