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As Long as We Remember...

December 17, 2009

Dear Santa,

Chris Cavey

It’s been a long time since I have taken the time to write you a letter. I trust all is well with you and Mrs. Claus. As only you could know, I have been a nice boy over the years, perhaps a naughty slip or two, which have been mostly reconciled. I have worked hard at my job, have done my best to be kind, taught my children well and tried to set an example for my fellow man.


This year I find myself yearning for large gifts at Christmas and turning to you to grant my wishes. The list is not as long as when I was seven; however, the magnitude of my requests is pretty intense. Hopefully you and the elves can work on a few of these items over the next week.


  1. First and foremost I would like responsible government. It can be either party in charge; it just has to be responsible. Preferably fiscally responsible Republicans; but I can live with anyone who is in line with and responsive to the principles set forth in the U.S. Constitution.


  1. I would really like to be taxed less. Less federal, state and county taxes – all of them. I can sacrifice some services and will be happy to take certain burdens of responsibility on my own shoulders in trade for a little less tax removed from my family’s finances.


  1. I would like to reduce the overall size of government. It is crazy that government is the largest employer in Maryland. Government is a net user of revenue and produces no marketable economic goods, like you and the elves. There is no doubt we need government services, not my dispute; there is just too much government and it is absorbing the profits of the free market.


  1. Make our government efficient. Instill pride of ownership into the bulk of the government employees. Bonus them for efficiency and good ideas. Empower them to make their portion of public service the best possible, not just a guaranteed job for life.


  1. Give us responsive government. Grant the wish that elected leaders really listen and respond to the voices of the people. Don’t allow them to just give us lip service and then vote their party lines on every issue. We can and should eliminate them from the picture altogether if they are not going to think for themselves.


  1. Give me term limits for all elected officials at all levels of government. “Professional politician” should not be an allowable occupation. If they cannot get their political job accomplished within a couple of terms in their office, they should leave and let someone else try. We might even have some good ideas arise and develop stronger leadership through more competition.


  1. Send me the ability to explain to everyone in Maryland the value of having a two-party political system. Open the eyes of those partisans who are too blind to see that single party dominance leads to corruption and inefficiency in government; and arrogance in our elected officials.


  1. Using your Christmas magic to remove all those elected officials who have lost the public trust by being arrested, indicted, allowed probation before verdict and/or convicted of any crimes or misdemeanors. They do not belong in office and paying them is an affront to all previously elected officials who served with integrity before them. They are not setting a good example for our children and are the reason citizens lack faith in our government. They should receive coal and sticks forever.


  1. Explain to people that registering to vote is a duty of a responsible free citizen. They are taking their freedom for granted when they do not register. Also, explain to those who do registered that they too are taking freedom for granted when they stay at home and complain about our government and still do not vote. I believe they are the problem.


  1. Last, be with and grant the Christmas wishes of all of those military personnel who are now serving and have previously serve our country. Grant their wishes before mine – they are more deserving.



These 10 items are a good start. I have waited in line a long time and let many others go ahead of me over the years for Christmas wishes. If you could just prioritize a couple of these, I promise not to write again…or at least for a while.


Best wishes for a Merry Christmas to you and Mrs. Claus,




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