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December 11, 2009

Something For Nothing

Joe Charlebois

In the mid-1980’s Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits, sang “…get your money for nothing and chicks for free.” He may have been singing about how easy money was made in the music industry when one reaches rock star status, but it could just as easily be sung by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.


If the current administration has its way, every American will reach rock star status when it comes to receiving healthcare. With the ever increasing growth of the entitlement state under President Obama, it is easy to understand why the populace might buy into the idea of nanny-state government. Free is tough to turn down.


Just as the rock star pays the price for the easy money he makes, we as recipients of this largess will pay the price now and down the road with an ever increasing burden in taxes and interest on the national debt and worst of all – freedom.


Currently deals are being cut to bring in moderates and liberal Republicans to push forward some sort of national plan. What is lost in this whole debate is the fact that any plan that comes out of this Congress will be a national healthcare system. It is not reform, it is page after page of mandates, mandates to be enforced by the federal government.


The real debate should not be what type of plan is acceptable to the majority of the American public – none are – but can we issue change that is true reform.


The most need reforms would be to establish portability across state lines and limit the restrictions on pre-existing conditions. We do not need to establish another federal bureau that adds nothing to actual care but would – in effect – take funds away from much needed care and put it into the hands of career federal employees. These can be done with very little in the way of cost and regulation.


The American public, which is growing ever more skeptical of the grand ideas of change that the administration is offering, have clearly spoken out against the current plans that have been proposed.


This same public that decries the takeover of their health plan needs to step up and make their elected representatives know just where they stand. “No federal plan, just reform!”


President Obama’s approval ratings continue to sink as the ambitious agenda that he and his administration are attempting to implement pushes more people away. It is not that the country does not like Mr. Obama; they just realize that this is not the change they were voting for.


The American public is wary of socialism. They understand what this would mean to their freedoms if passed.


They know there is no such thing as a free lunch. We are not rock stars. We don’t get our “money for nothing” or anything else for that matter.


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