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As Long as We Remember...

October 15, 2002

This Bartlett Is A Sure Winner

Blaine R. Young

With three weeks to go before the general election, one race that is going to be a cake walk is the race for Congress. Roscoe Bartlett is going to have no trouble defeating his challenger Don DeArmon.

When history looks back on Congressman Bartlett, it will see one of the most popular congressmen ever to serve the district.


Because he is always representing the views of the district and always looking out for working families. Sure, once in awhile he votes his personal feelings. But that is what makes him unique - different from most politicians.

He is not always looking at the polls. On most of the major issues, his votes are right on the money.

The deeper on goes into Western Maryland the higher his popularity. He received more votes in the primary than gubernatorial candidate Bob Ehrlich. How's that for vote-getting power.

With the Democrats always trying to find a new way into your pocket, Congressman Bartlett is always there as a safe guard to watch out for the working menís and womenís hard-earned dollars.

I was happy to see that the congressman received the endorsement of the Gazette, which usually endorses a majority of Democrats. The editors can see that he is right for the district.

The Democrats haven't even bothered to put up a candidate that would even give the congressman a challenge. The one Democrat that some people feel would give the congressman a real race is Speaker of the House of Delegates Cas Taylor of Cumberland.

But even Mr. Taylor knows his chances of beating the congressman is a long shot at best. Congressman Bartlettís views have matched up better with that area of Western Maryland than Mr. Taylorís.

Mr. Taylor is in a dog fight of his own against Leroy Myers(R). With the White House controlled by Republicans, and, hopefully, soon the state will have a Republican governor, things are looking very good for the 6th District with the congressmanís senior status.

When asking a fellow Republican what the chances of Don DeArmon are, he replied: "He got two chances - slim and none, and slim has been missing for months."

There's no reason to send a search party for slim. This race is over and for good reason. Roscoe Bartlett is more right for the district now then ever before.

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