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December 3, 2009

Dig Deep for Christmas Cash for Kids

Joan Marie Aquilino

Here comes my annual plea for those who have a heart, love a child, have a dollar, or just for anyone that cares. It's Christmas Cash for Kids time, a 34-year charity for and about the children in Frederick County.


This is the only charity that I know about where every single cent goes directly to the children. Where else but Frederick do you find people who rally like this year after year? The heart and soul of Frederick lies in the way we care for our children.


I'm addicted to this week of radio and the stories, the people, the cause. Barely an hour goes by that a person donating – or someone telling stories of past and present successes – doesn’t bring tears to my eyes.


I keep thinking I can't be that emotional; there can't be more tears left, but there always are with each and every story. This year seems especially raw to me. My own children are no longer children. My youngest is newly married and her husband is serving in Iraq; my oldest is teaching at an International School in India and volunteering in an orphanage, children from the tsunami. Neither one will be home this Christmas.


As a single mother, my steadfast wish for them has been to be safe and healthy. To date both of those wishes have come true. It's time you, too, became part of a healthy-giving addiction and celebrate your blessings and help those less fortunate.


Christmas Cash for Kids is winding down, but it‘s not over yet. You have all day today and tomorrow. Don't wait! Do it now.


If you haven't heard of this fabulous program hosted by our very own Bob Miller, hordes of volunteers, many radio personalities and WFMD (930 AM), then all I can say is you don't really live in Frederick County; or your cave doesn't get a radio signal. People outside our county borders are calling in and donating, and you should be ashamed if they show you up.


There is very little else that matters in your life if you haven't made a positive difference in the life of a child. Children aren’t responsible for their circumstances. Anyone reading this has the means to help a child. No excuse is acceptable. You have coins loose in your pocket! You can find a dollar! You can do this.


Teaching a child to help others will only enhance their lives. They will only learn that by watching you. This is not a lesson taught with words; it’s one learned by actions. Take them with you when you make your donation.


Thousands of children living and growing up right here in Frederick County need our help. They aren’t in a country across an ocean, or in some far off place you can't feel, can't see and will never visit. These children are right in front of you, the child next door. It could be a sweet child your own son or daughter plays with on a daily basis, or sits next to your child in school.


Take the time to look into the eyes of these children. You'll quickly see something is missing. That sparkle and innocence that children are supposed to have in those sweet soulful eyes is lost. These are the eyes of children who have to experience the harshness life gave them. These are children robbed of an easy going casual someone-will-take-care-of-my-every-need childhood. It’s within your power to put that sparkle back in their eyes. Follow your heart and help a child. One dollar, one single dollar by everyone reading this, can make the difference. Even if you’ve already given, find one more dollar and drop it off.


It’s your choice! You can make a difference and be that special person who makes a child smile, or you can ignore this and do nothing and live with that also. The sparkle and light in a child’s eyes on Christmas morning can light the world; but the tear in that same child’s eyes will break your heart. With your help the children will not be forgotten.


The challenge I issued last year still stands to all Frederick County elected officials. That goes for the Board of County Commissioners, the Board of Education, court judges, clerks, attorneys, state delegates and senators, and members of Congress, municipal leaders – all of you. The children of this county may not be able to vote yet, but shouldn't matter if you are truly a public servant. There is nothing or no one more important than a child. $100 shouldn't be a problem for any of you, especially if you expect people to donate to your campaigns.


Be the reason for a child’s smile and laughter, not their tears.


Call the radio station, WFMD @ 301-694-9363, or stop by the station on Grove Hill Road, (behind the Toys-R-Us on Rt. 40 West). Do it now!


…’til next time . . .


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