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As Long as We Remember...

November 9, 2009

Various and Sundry…around the horn

Steven R. Berryman

Last week’s column went out on The Tentacle at over 1,400 words and I swore to do better this week. To wit, I offer you these nicely abbreviated sundry items:


And yes, “nice” is now a big part of the Frederick vernacular!


* * * * * * * * *


Sometimes nice guys do finish first


In “Voting My Conscience” last week, I put it on the line and called Randy McClement our next mayor of the City of Frederick. He beat out Jason Judd in a well-fought campaign by a nose.


However, the winning margin of less than 300 votes is made much more important when one considers that the mayor-elect was out-spent five-to-one.


The Judd campaign methodology, which harkens to the Organizer-President Barack Obama, clearly did not strike a chord. Even with all of the yard signs, the small turnout went against the economist.


Randy McClement was correctly perceived as the candidate that would come through for city residents as an invested partner, and in a nice, transparent, conscientious fashion.


The challenge now will be the melding with an all-new Board of Alderman, mostly female, and of the Democrat persuasion.


For the Democrats, Michael O’Connor will represent the “infill” faction of the land annexers, and Shelly Aloi will translate the feminine nuances to Michael between karate lessons!


WFMD’s “Morning Mayor,” Bob Miller, insists on now anointing Randy for his radio show as “The Lunch Counter Mayor” (LCM) or “The Nice Guy Mayor” (NGM); but I insist that the most flamboyant “Bagelmaster Burgermeister” (BB) is most apropos!


As for me, the greatest pleasure in all of this was winning a small one-dollar side-wager on the mayoral outcome with sage Tentacle columnist Roy Meachum. The greenback will, of course, be framed and annotated, and presented to Randy as my first visible sign of patronage!


* * * * * * * * *


The jobless recovery


On to national news, all publications of merit lit with “Unemployment Rate Hits 10.2%.”


And that’s not the real story. The New York Times’ David Leonhardt ran the broader story that shows that our own Department of Labor has us down to 17.5% real unemployment in: … when one – smartly – includes the other related impact of “under-employment. This factor adds-in folks working outside of their skill-sets in lower level jobs to make ends meet.


When the president announced that a $787 billion dollar stimulus package was essential to keep unemployment from broaching 8%, how’d that one work out?


What of the “economists?” Why was the plan to only have a target of half of this sum spent right away?


I would submit that: There is no such thing as a “jobless recovery” as the recovery is in the eyes of the individual. I would submit that more-of-the-same stimulus measures would result in more-of-the-same unemployment results, as we are surely spending in the wrong fronts.


For real and fair relief to our people, a direct removal of payroll taxes and/or direct payouts to state governments are the only absolute guarantees of many more jobs.


State payments would be actually the only way to prove on paper what is now called a “job saved.” All else is merely smoke and mirrors economic theory.


* * * * * * * * *


Fort Hood tragedy


Last is worst.


Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the doctor from Bethesda, is now the Muslim Murderer at Fort Hood, TX. Of course he is presumed innocent, etc, etc, etc. At this writing, still in a coma.


Reportedly Hasan frequented a Muslim Community Center in Silver Spring, MD, for 10 years, so is known locally. By all counts, there were red flags to his patterns; there were probations in his internship; he could not find a wife; and there were radical web postings attributed to him. These were not substantiated, or explored by the military, and were reported in The Washington Post.


As the major reportedly shouted Alluo Akbar just before shooting, the terrorism aspects must be explored. But the dead are dead regardless of semantics.


Part of the tragedy is in the handling of the story by mainstream liberal-media. The cover page of Saturdays Washington Post contained several stories. What I was hoping for was a search for truth, facts, and information about how to keep this scenario from replication.


What I found was a search for extenuating excuses.


Due to the obvious political correctness of the matter, and the very early intervention of the group “Council on American-Islamic Relations” (CAIR), much of mass media is presenting shooter-as-victim.


Only protecting the truth will help the victims and future generations seeking answers.


In this case, the niceness does not count.



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