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As Long as We Remember...

October 8, 2002

Unseemly Behavior Besmirches Mooneys Again

David 'Kip' Koontz

Well, the Mooneys are at it again - and again - and again.

Once again the Mooneys are having campaign finance "issues"

Of course, the Mooneys say it ain’t so, but again the thought has to be, where there is smoke, there is fire.

Not too long ago, the Mooneys had campaign money "issues" over a $10,000 loan, on which, while the state chose not to prosecute, no proof of the loan’s existence has ever been produced.

Oh, and that "loan," had it existed, would have, no matter how bad the Mooneys don’t want it to be so, violated the state’s $4,000 cap on contribution by an entity to another entity anyway.

Guess the Mooneys got away with that one.

Now the Mooneys want us to accept that expenditures for food somehow classify as an expense for "rent and office expenses."

The Mooneys also want us to think that shopping trips to department stores and specialty shops are also "rent and office expenses."

The Mooneys also want us to accept that payments to individuals, for whatever reason they were paid (wouldn’t you like to know, though), are also "rent and office expenses."

The Mooneys want us to simply accept that these consistent inconsistencies in Alex’s finances are simply campaign ploys by his opponent.


Who filed Mooneys’ reports? One would hope the Mooneys campaign.

Now, of course, someone could possibly tamper with the "other camps" files if they happened to have access to their files.

Seems the only camp with any equipment containing files that happens to be missing isn’t the Mooneys.

Oh, well, to boot, the Mooneys are behaving badly in public.

This past Saturday at In the Street, the Mooneys, who, incidentally, bused in all kinds of people to fill the street to wave Mooney signs and balloons and to accost people - almost demanding they wear Mooney stickers. They were heard shouting epithets and a variety of heckles at his opponent as she passed by in the parade.

Seems that somewhere in the Bible, these good moralistic (hah!), upstanding (hah, hah!!) "Christians" (hah, hah, hah!!!) found the missing verses from the Book of Spite that tell folks that it is okay, if you believe you are on the side of righteousness to swear at and profane others.

Well, that is the nature of the Mooneys, who are obviously unaware that the Crusades ended quite some time ago.

Of course, after having the Mooney behavior pointed out in public, Alex boohoos about how it happened to him.

Yeah, right, it is easy to say ninny, ninny boo, boo after the truth is out there.

Also, throughout the day the Mooney minions delighted themselves by approaching people wearing "Hecht Yes" stickers and reaching out with a Mooney sticker in an attempt to cover up the Hecht one.

Often, when unsuccessful, the Mooney then slipped it onto the Hecht supporter’s back and skipped off giggling - of course, showing the maturity level of their mentor.

Not to mention the fact that while it is not in anyway proven it was a Mooney who vandalized her car, Ms. Hecht’s car was, indeed, vandalized.

Of course, the Mooneys point to the fact that they have had signs taken, just as his opponent has, to say things are just as bad for him.

Uh, huh. No one has yet ruined his signs by putting a pig head (on actual printed stickers) on his as they did his opponent’s.

Sadly, the Mooneys want us to believe all this is happening as a way to distract the campaign from focusing on issues.

We could accept that if he had a leg to stand on when it comes to issues.

As on other things - Mr. Mooney’s response seems to be one of "thou doth protest too much."

Let’s just hope the voters of District 3 hold Mr. Mooney accountable for his minion’s behavior, just as they should hold him accountable for his own.

Because all in all, their behavior is an offense to decency, to say the least; and to say the worst would not be fit to print.

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