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As Long as We Remember...

November 5, 2009

Happy Days Are Here Again?

Chris Cavey

Tuesday evening I joined the Republican faithful gathered in Frederick at The Green Turtle to watch election results. While they were cheering the victory of Randy McClement, mayor-elect of Frederick City, I couldn’t help but think that perhaps the political pendulum crossed the apex and was now swinging the other way. Their way.


For a year the electorate has bubbled and brewed in unrest and turmoil. Marches on Washington, town hall meetings erupting in protest, citizens arming themselves with signs and banners shouting in the streets, and tea parties everywhere have all culminated into the first signs of change at the ballot box.


A Republican win in Frederick City was not national news, but it is a local glimpse of a national trend looking to the future: Democrats and incumbents are in for a rough 2010.


In Virginia the GOP pulled a political hat trick taking the top three seats and doing it with authority. There was no question the Party of Lincoln worked hard and did its duty waging a ground war for votes. Time, effort, money and great candidates were directed toward citizens looking for real change and the result was Virginians running back to the Republican Party.


For over a decade there has not been a GOP win statewide in New Jersey. Last night that changed, too, as former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie chalked up a big GOP victory in the Garden State. The Democratic Party and the Obama Administration both worked hard to re-elect its incumbent governor, Jon Corzine, but the citizens resisted. They wanted change.


These two states are the tip of the sword of change in the desire of the electorate. Buyer’s remorse concerning the Democratic Party’s failed promises has begun in earnest. Also, within this movement for functional and sane government, all incumbents will have to atone for their evil ways if they are to be re-elected, regardless of party. In Maryland that is mostly Democrats.


So, what does this mean for the deep blue State of Maryland? Will this be the final piece of the puzzle forcing former Gov. Bob Ehrlich to lead the charge for Republican victories in Maryland? Maybe.


The trend appears to be “throw the bums out” and there are plenty of bums governing in Annapolis. Maryland is also certainly in a state of political unrest. We have had dozens of tea parties, all well attended, and citizens have taken our Democrat members of Congress to task at every opportunity. No state employee is happy about their increased furlough days. The tide appears to be turning in Mr. Ehrlich’s favor.


Maryland’s demographics are such that a Republican win means the majority of Republicans vote party line plus the GOP candidate sways the votes of a big chunk of Democrats and unaffiliated voters. Conservative Democrats in Maryland constantly cross the line, fleeing from their party’s rampant spending; however, the growing registration of unaffiliated voters is the big question mark.


Exit polls in New Jersey showed that Mr. Christie won 58% of unaffiliated voters while Democrat Corzine won only 31%. Governor Corzine is a tax-loving Democrat who would fit invisibly into the Democrat gang currently running Maryland. Will unaffiliated voters in Maryland react in a similar manner? Maybe.


Tuesday evening was perhaps curiosity for Bob Ehrlich, a call to arms for the Republican Party as well as a wake-up call for the Democrats, but it was a major win for Michael Steele.


Beleaguered by a difficult win and an unorthodox style, the Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman from Maryland has shown he and his gang at RNC are taking the fight to the streets. Record breaking fundraising has fueled the RNC fire. Michael Steele’s trials and tribulations working in the deep blue sea of Maryland for many years made the man prepared for the fight. He is riding the tide in what is looking like the perfect political storm.


In the City of Frederick, Republicans reveled Tuesday in a mayoral win. In part it was the candidate. Randy McClement is a good man and he will do very well; but the party faithful knew Tuesday evening was the start of a new trend and they were a part of the first wave. Perhaps a small wave in a local race, but everyone understood the potential.


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