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October 23, 2009

War on America

Joe Charlebois

Per the White House we no longer have a “War on Terror.” It is an overseas contingency something or other. Now it seems that we don’t even have that. While the White House remains paralyzed overseas – waiting for the outcome of the run-off election in Afghanistan – the White House has declared war on private industry in the United States of America.


Since this administration has taken over the reins of power from the George W. Bush presidency, they have systematically attacked several industries and then dug the lengthening talons of socialism into the flesh of American industry. They have created crises or accentuated them to a point where “something needs to be done – and now!” This has given the progressives in Washington cover to implement strategies that would never have seen the light of day prior to their arrival.


The American automakers; General Motors and Chrysler may have been saved from bankruptcy and dissolution, but at what cost. The government now has a stake in how two out of three of the American automakers will respond not only to market forces, but political and labor forces as well.


The fall of Wall Street enabled sympathetic lawmakers to bailout the behemoths of the financial industry with the underlying intent of forcing the federal government into their boardrooms.


Now that the taxpayer has a huge financial stake in these two industries it is imperative that we – the government – regulate every aspect of business, including breaking existing contracts for executive pay.


The mortgage industry, which was rife with corruption, was led down a dissolute path by the very entities that now excoriate it. It was the Finance committees led by Representative Barney Frank (D., MA) and Senator Chris Dodd (D., CT) that continued to force lenders to lend to poor credit risks backed by the ill conceived Community Reinvestment Act. These two chose to ignore pleas from the Bush White House to provide stricter oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


The War on America continued this summer as physicians were portrayed as greedy butchers who were more interested in cutting off a leg or removing tonsils unnecessarily to enrich themselves at the expense of the unsuspecting patient.


Most recently the target has been the insurance industry. In response to the healthcare plans presented by Congress – that would most assuredly bring about their demise – the industry responded by fighting back at what they saw as the sure end of private insurance. They rightly see that the introduction of a public option, with the credit of the taxpayer supporting it, would run them out of business. They realize it is impossible to compete against a bureaucratic leviathan that eats up any competition in its way. For this the White House has demeaned the industry as too profitable and inefficient.


The White House even has decided to open a new front on the United States Chamber of Commerce.


Prior to this administration the government did not control the auto industry; the banking industry or the healthcare industry.


But even more worrisome may be the government funding of broadband development to unserved and underserved areas of the country. Once the government owns large parts of broadband access it is just a mouse click away from controlling content.


If you need further evidence read “Net Neutrality is a Civil Rights Issue” by Mark Lloyd and Joseph Torres.


Their belief is that the government needs to control access to programming because otherwise it would be discriminatory. Once the government can control means of free speech, it is free speech no more. Who would dictate what programming would be available. Who would be the government gatekeeper to determine if a household should receive the BBC or – heaven forbid – FOX News.


Currently the administration is trying very hard to censor what it sees as contrarian points of view. FOX News – which breaks many of the stories that paint the administration in a negative light – has been treated in a way by White House officials that is unprecedented in modern administrations. Valerie Jarrett, Anita Dunn and Robert Gibbs can’t spin truth. They hope to minimize the number of news groups following up on their lead.


As with any private industry that succumbs to interference from the government, the media will cease to operate as a private industry once the government owns its method of transmission.


Prior to this administration, the government did not control the media.


Let’s hope – for the country’s sake – that the administration turns its attention to the War on Terror and leaves American commerce alone.

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