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October 23, 2009

Good Thing about Elected Officials……They can be non-elected

Roy Meachum

Although the Frederick City political shoot-out comes in less than two weeks, my mind fixes first on next year’s races – for the Board of County Commissioners. Having watched their brazen attempt to dictate annexation to City Hall, they maintain fierce lockstep behind board President Jan Gardner.


In Thursday’s Frederick News-Post, Ms. Gardner reminds all and sundry that Winchester Hall plans revenge; she highlighted the crises owners face in obtaining – from the county – sewer and water for the properties. Her lack of subtlety is a scream. Of course, from the get-go, everybody knew the intricate bureaucracy development must contend with in the future. What the county highest elected official failed to mention was the water question lies somewhere down the line. Certainly not in my lifetime and maybe not in hers.


I can say, with confidence, somebody else will be sitting in her chair by then. If the voters continue approving her outrageous behavior, Father Time will move her on. Then there’s the matter of her health. Such hissy falling-down fits! I can see the nerve throbbing in her forehead. She must be even more upset, being told by this column that she almost certainly will not be around for the payoff.


Naturally, Ms. Gardner, John “Lennie” Thompson, David Gray, Kai Hagan and Charles Jenkins want to see buyers turned off; this is why their games continue on. Having lost their phony “citizens petition,” the smoke over Winchester Hall is decidedly black from the over-busy brains below, overcooking. Most of all, they’re furious that all their diversions and tricks proved useless.


Knowing the caliber of such people, I expect bitter twitting on matters that have nothing to do with annexations. Commissioner Thompson excels in hoisting up on a bargaining table anything and everything, especially those that are totally irrelevant. It’s his genius. As for Mr. Hagen, he took the time to reply to my charge that he became overzealous in promoting any scintilla of liberalism that popped up in Winchester Hall; he wrote the fact that I don’t know him personally. That’s true. All I have to base my observations are his public performances.


As for Ms. Gardner, the only surprise in the latest battle was that she didn’t act behind doors closed and bolted against the public. Her reputed performances behind press-proof screens, I am told, smacks of the Red Queen’s “off with their heads.” And by all signs and indices, she means it – unless her orders are met absolutely. Falling on your knees is perfectly acceptable. Well, maybe not literally. But maybe.


It’s all too easy to say voters got what they wanted three years ago, but the world has taken more that several twirls since 2006. These commissioners were chosen for boom days that have turned out to be filled with ashes. Most of all, the country and the county need jobs. When all three projects are hitting on all cylinders, the payrolls will carry an estimated six thousand; in addition to the building crews, there is a spillover to grocers, banks, filling stations – you get the idea. In their timeless offices, the commissioners do not.


But in time, we will almost certainly be dealing with different faces than we meet now.


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