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October 22, 2009

Meeting Challenges with Winners

Chris Cavey

When I was much younger I remember by mother telling me, more than once: “Young man, you need an attitude adjustment.” Perhaps this same wisdom should be heeded by the Maryland Republican Party.


Republicans need to get out of their funk and realize that it is time to wake up and get to work. You should hold your heads up high, look and act like winners. Most of all the GOP needs to invest in itself.


Traveling across Maryland I have realized that Republicans have gone past fiscally conservative and have entered into the realm of downright cheap. While the Republican National Committee breaks national fundraising records, GOP wallets in Maryland have been zipped tight.


There is even whining about small dollar fundraisers or traveling to the neighboring county to support one of our fine incumbents. Next year this time there will be complaints by the same people when our candidates are outspent four to one and loose by just a few hundred votes.


Republicans need to learn to passionately invest in their cause. We need to stop thinking that manpower or personal volunteerism alone takes the place of a big fat campaign donation. The GOP faithful need to donate to their favorite candidate early and often. Otherwise they will have plenty of people volunteering to put up signs which can never be purchased and to lick envelopes which will never see the postage meter.


Those who have already declared as GOP candidates know and feel the shift of thinking in the electorate. Buyer’s remorse has set in and citizens are looking to make corrections in the political system. Just like the economic market, the political “market” also makes adjustments and one is coming.


This is the time for a new breed of Republican candidates to make their entrance to the political game. It is a time where the attitude of presenting yourself as a winner, carrying a solid political concept, will make up a significant part of the battle. The perception cast into the public is important. Everyone wants to gravitate toward a winner; few are attracted to the whiners and complainers.


Public indicators such as the past summer’s Town Hall meetings and the on-going Tea Parties are proof of an electorate looking for a new path. GOP candidates stand to be the beneficiaries of that shift. The Grand Old Party just needs to hold its head up high, re-offer its candidates and center-right philosophy. The public is looking to buy.


The Republican Party will be remiss if it does not fill every slot on every ballot in this changing political tide. The public is looking for alternatives and the Party of Lincoln needs to make sure there are choices all the way down the ballot in every jurisdiction. Perhaps the tide will not wash across the entire spectrum of candidates, but Republicans must play in order to win.


This coming election year is a time where seasoned GOP elected leaders need to take the chance in stepping out of their comfort zone and extend their skills and knowledge toward attaining higher office.


This shifting of forward motion will excite the voting base and make everyone involved work harder toward the needed change in the way our government operates.


The electorate is hungry for change and the Republicans in Maryland are looking for excitement and positive direction in their leadership. Stagnation and comfort has contributed to the funk of the Republican Party. Urging our leadership to take the next challenge will strengthen everyone and lead to additional victories. 2010 is not the year to lay back and play it safe.


The Republican Party has a terrific grassroots system, one that understands how to work. It is looking for leadership and pride of ownership; it is ready to follow and create change in a disjointed, run-a-way government. Building up to 2010 there are plenty of voters who are ready to join with Republicans to support candidates who look and act like winners.


Similar to when Mom pointed out my attitude problems, Republicans have had problems pointed out to them also. But, just like the hard-headed little boy from Hampstead, the big question is what path will you take and will your attitude change without another spanking?


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