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October 2, 2002

Counting Your November Blessings

Bethany Stevenson

At a dinner held for supporters of Senator Alex Mooney last week, local residents and leaders, as well as not-so local patrons, cheered on the man who stands on his convictions as he fights his way through the State House. In attendance were County Commissioner Rick Weldon, BOE candidate Julie White, and U.S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald (R., Illinois).

The atmosphere was thick with talk of taking on the immoral and wishy-washy Democrats. In a state where the majority are Democrats, it seemed like a death sentence to speak such blasphemy out loud.

But Senator Mooney's supporters are ready to turn the Dems out on their heels. Tired of deficit spending, tired of state money being spent on race tracks instead of schools, and tired of a lack of honesty and morality, many are turning their back on the "establishment" and returning to the standards of old.

Unfortunately, his opponents are loud and cannot see the logic in his ways. They contend his traditional ways are not what Frederick needs.

Wouldn't it be nice if the traditional ways were back? It wasn't so long ago when the Fredericktowne Mall decided it would be open on Sundays. After that, most of the retail establishments opened their doors as well. Wouldn't it be nice to have back a day where one could just be at home, or at church or with family and not have in the back of the mind their urge to shop?

And what if every child had two parents to nurture them and teach them? Wouldn't it be nice, too, if we could trust the people in our community enough to leave our doors unlocked?

Maybe these traditional ways are just too radical to some.

Interestingly enough, Senator Mooney's opponent, Sue Hecht, has noted on her website that she volunteers to go to local high schools for ethics discussions. But one should question whether a woman who supports the gay lifestyle through legislation should be teaching ethics to impressionable minds. She also supported state funding for abortion clinics.

Traditional thinking would help these young adults find the lines between right and wrong. Leaving too much gray area or too much "open-mindedness" leads to disintegration of society, as a whole, and families, as the basic unit of society.

Senator Fitzgerald described many current legislators as those who would stick their finger in the air to see which way the winds of political fancy blow, and then fit their agenda to that. He then pointed to Senator Mooney and illuminated to all in attendance that here was a man who held his own convictions. Based on those, he then worked feverishly to uphold those principles in the Senate.

Senator Mooney was elected to office based on his values and his willingness to fight to the bitter end to uphold his standards. His record for voting shows that when there is a shadow of doubt, a shadow of a loophole, he will stand by what he believes.

How many politicians can be described thusly? They are certainly few and far between. Frederick can certainly count her blessings they have such a representative to Annapolis. And the Board of Elections will count those blessings in November as Senator Mooney is re-elected.

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