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As Long as We Remember...

October 8, 2009

Changing Strategies, Positive Results

Chris Cavey

Few people inside or outside the Party of Lincoln would argue the fact that now is the time to invest in Republicans, because everyone knows buying low always yields the best profit. Currently my beloved party is at a low ebb; however, there are signs that the stock will soon rise.


Those signs are in the grassroots of the party. Thousands of people have been motivated by the failures of Democrat administrations on both state and national levels. Tea Parties, although not necessarily Republican organized, are heavily attended by members of the GOP. Town Hall protests of Obamacare were also laced with a major dose of the Republican faithful.


Republican clubs across our state are growing and raising money proportionally faster than the organized party apparatus. Clubs and county committees are working, laying the groundwork for renewal by doing door-to-door, voter registration and other activities. These grassroots organizations are talking the talk, and their communities are listening.


Republicans are learning from prior mistakes. They are, in turn, listening and reacting to the public, a public that is saying they are not happy with the path government is leading them. Many voters are suffering buyer’s remorse from the “change” they chose last November. Others are just disgusted with the downward spiral created by single party control of government.


In Maryland, Republican politics is the art of the possible and “possible” will soon knock on the doorstep of this political party. The question is: Will we be ready?


To prepare, Republicans need to field the teams they have and stop looking for one size fits all candidates. Local people know local issues and have local friends who will work and vote. Good candidates are candidates who stand tall, act like winners and have the desire to be relevant.


Too often Republicans wait for a philosophically perfect candidate. Well, it will not happen. The Democrats know this already. They send to bat the best field of players they have; then, more often than not, go home winners. No global philosophy, no agreements needed on single issues; winning is good enough.


I would suggest these five simple principles which define a Republican:

·        Our liberty is from God, not the government.

·        Our sovereignty is from our souls, not the soil.

·        Our security is from strength, not surrender.

·        Our prosperity is from the private sector, not the public sector.

·        Our truths are self-evident, not relative.


They are easy enough and broad enough for a cast of diverse candidates to use as the cornerstone for their campaigns. Yet, they are understandable enough that the voting public will see the difference in philosophy of governance.


If the Grand Old Party is to have forward motion candidates, an army of activists need to hit the streets selling our wares. We need to knock doors and ask if the voting public is happy with the change they have purchased. Ask if they are happy with massive national debt, sick economy, high unemployment and government-run healthcare proposals – is that change they expected? Recent surveys say “no.”


This is the year Republicans cannot afford to get mired down into squabbles about single issues. This is the year where everyone will be drawn to solid broad based principles. The campaign model used by the Democrat Party is win first and ask questions after, because when you lose, you are irrelevant – so is your issue or cause.


The public is searching for answers and looking for leadership. The Republican Party has plenty of people with leadership potential; they are just now starting to rise to the top. Once armed with the above firm broad principles as a platform, they can and will cause a political transformation within the Free State.


Maryland Republican politics is about the art of the possible. If it truly is, the voting public will respond.


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