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October 1, 2002

My Wish List

Michael Barnes

I wish...that people would realize that water conservation is EVERYONE'S business, not just those that live in cities. Where the heck do you think cities get their water from? It's not just the Monocacy, and the Frederick Watershed, it is also from aquifers that also supply water to many people on wells.

I wish...that speeders would stop driving down my road at sometimes double the 35 MPH speed limit. I have lived in my house for a little over three years and we have had 3 cars end up in our yard and one wrap around a telephone pole 50 feet down the road. AND WE LIVE ON A STRAIGHT-A-WAY!!!!

I wish...that people would realized that slow growth is preferential to no growth and way better than exponential growth.

I wish...that Frederick information technology companies paid at least 90% of what companies 20 miles down the road paid. Think about it. Pay local skilled people what they are worth and they will stay here, spend their money in local businesses, buy homes here instead of moving to more affordable West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Washington County.

I wish...that people would retake driversí ed. Yield onto Route 15 means YIELD TO TRAFFIC ON Route 15, not merge when you feel like it. Along the same lines, I wish people would realize that the turn signal comes with the car FOR A REASON. It's not an option when you purchase the damn car.

I wish...that more people patronized local businesses, like May's Hardware, The Village Restaurant, Brainstorm Comics, Wonderbook and Video, We-Help-U-Move and all the other locally owned and operated businesses instead of the national chains. Sure, the big chain's prices may be lower, but you'll never get the level of service and personal attention that you get with the local businesses.

I wish...that City Hall and the County Commissioners would give up the fight over the Ten Commandments monument. Sell it to a private landowner, then dare the ACLU to fight to deny a private organization the right to free religious speech.

Most of all, I wish people would let other people live their lives the way they see fit, as long as they don't interfere with the rights of others to live their lives as they wish.

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