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October 1, 2009

Perplexing Situations…

Patricia A. Kelly

Writing a column is a very interesting occupation. It’s changed me. I’m more curious about the details of things, and in really looking for the truth among all the stories, charges, political posturing and innuendo. I work to insure there is truth behind my comments. I look for answers to dilemmas that face our society.


Paying attention is exhausting, though, and the more you do it, the more discouraging things appear.


There’s the recession, and the question of the best solution.


On Tuesday, the report from Rush Limbaugh was that some of our government investment in green transportation takes the form of loans to a Finnish and a British company, both making hybrid cars that will sell for approximately $100,000, one funnel involving some part ownership by Al Gore, and both involving donors to the Democratic Party. I have no idea of the truth of the allegation, but it’s part of the daily barrage.


From the Chicago Tribune via The Frederick News Post, there’s President Barack Obama’s recent decision to place a 35% tariff on car tires imported from China. They are the affordable tires, the ones the middle class buys for $50 each at Sam’s Club. This decision will hit the pocketbooks of the middle class, and annoy the heck out of the Chinese, those fine folks who are now loaning us money. So much for President Obama’s urging that international trade barriers be limited during these troubled times.


From The Frederick News Post September 24 issue, Democrats concede that seniors may lose some benefits under the proposed new health care plan, ever so many promises to the contrary.


And how about the ACORN stories. Are they overall a good, helpful to the poor, organization, or one that takes government money and condones illegal activities and fraud? You try to figure it out.


Then there’s the question of how to properly fight terrorism in the world, and the new fear of attacks here in the U.S. What about the new suicide bombing technique of carrying explosives around in one’s rectum? Let’s hope there’s some metal in there along with them.


This doesn’t even address the multitude of repetitive stories about violence and cruelty that abound on the news and the Internet. “Boy kept in a box.” “Man murders family, kills self.” “Man holds kidnapped girl hostage for 18 years, raping her and making her have babies in a tent in his backyard.”


Thank goodness I’ve been reading the book “Savage Peace” by Ann Hagedorn, published in 2007. The subject is America during the year 1919. That was a year that included part of the great influenza epidemic, the end of World War I and President Woodrow Wilson’s consuming effort to get the U.S. to accept the League of Nations.


There were multiple lynchings, not just hangings, but burning, castrating and torturing the victims as well. African Americans, returning from fighting the war, found that President Wilson’s promises that America would offer opportunity for them were not kept. They, simultaneous with working people, began to stand up for themselves, triggering mob violence, and increasing fear throughout the country that the Bolsheviks were attempting to overthrow the government.


J. Edgar Hoover arrived on the scene and used this fear to propel himself into prominence. Russian anarchists, protesting America’s postwar combat in Russia in support of the White Army, were sentenced to long prison terms, contributing to a re-definition of free speech.


I’ve been feeling that the world is a terrible place, growing worse by the year. In many ways, the year 1919 parallels this one, if not surpassing it in horrors. As that painful period passed, maybe this one will also. I hope so. I’m really tired of lies and hatred.


I just don’t get why we can’t treat each other with respect and honor, and look for real solutions, both here and throughout the world.  We are, after all, people in the same exact sense, and of the same value, under the skin, the turbans, the miniskirts and the veils.


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