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As Long as We Remember...

September 21, 2009

Grass-Roots Betrayed

Steven R. Berryman

Much has been said on all sides in evaluating recent protestors in Washington, as well as in Frederick. Just what is a legitimate “grass-roots” uprising, anyway?


The answer seems to be a matter of perspective, and much in the eyes of the beholder.


Does the impact of Dick Armey’s “FreedomWorks” participation and support in the DC Rally determine that the roughly 1,000,000 attendees were planted for purposes of political manipulation? I say no.


No more true than evaluating the two protestors who waved Confederate battle flags were truly representative of the event.


Any truly open group will have a fringe-element; it is axiomatic of all the “peoples” movements. Over time, should the fledgling groups remain solid and coherent, they tend to be self-weeding, it has been my experience to see.


When mainstream media attaches themselves to the fringe “exceptionals” in order to make negative points, I see red. Between inept reporting, overt lies by omission, and half-story/half-truths, it is no wonder that audiences are now flocking to all forms of alternative news-media.


This phenomenon is easily a ground swell of its own grass-roots origin; the youngest of us changing their listening and viewing habits fastest.


When the grass-roots group “We Surround Them – Frederick” planned the speeches for their 9/11 rally at Baker Park, were they really just shills for the Republican Party? I say no.


For those really listening, it was easy to hear that this group is all about getting back the Constitution bequeathed by our Founders! Truly non-partisan.


Keynote speaker at that event, Dr. John Vitarello, lobbied eloquently against many key ingredients of currently proposed healthcare legislation. He is an avowed Democrat!


Does this mean there are no Republicans within the Tea Party, Take Back America, and other recurring protests? I say no.


But a truly open group will have representation from all factions.


Why are broadcast television “network” news, National Public Radio, and cable news’ MSMBC and CNN so complicit with the inflammatory elements of marginalizing the grass-roots movements? Same as FOX news and Rush really, they have their own targeted market segment to share, and they feed to it.


Confounding factors include a mainstream-media intent on “making the news” as opposed to reporting on it, and a somewhat new president baptized in grass-roots community organizing who believes that his mandate includes freedom to deny his own past.


Do we need a new “Fairness Doctrine” – eliminated in 1987 – or its modern equivalent “Localism?”  I say no.


The dangers of suppressing either side of the national debates weigh too heavily. It will be incumbent upon “We The People, yet again, to pressure the media-extremes toward a more honest center ground. Another movement!


And should we be now focused on discreet issues, as opposed to the politics of destruction of party?


It is truly ironic that we now suffer the interjection of race-baiting politics by defenders of the man who would not let race even enter his 2008 winning campaign.


“That the ends justify the means” could easily be the rallying motto for the agenda of our current Democratic administration. The election mandate is threadbare now, political capital ebbing low.


Again, with massive media buy-in, the White House seeks to actively deny the dignity of any and all opposition, using the basest means. These include full denial of any grass-roots status – with little but emotional evidence – and broach all the way to outright intimidation tactics as in the request to send “fishy” items to Flag@WhiteHouse.Gov.


Many credibility points were forever lost on that one!


The Chicago community organizer part of the Obama bio made it clear – at least during his candidacy – that our president indeed understands the value and righteousness of collecting the needs, hopes, and fears of regular people at the neighborhood level.


This learning experience brought Barack Obama to become a leader and trainer within the now radicalized group ACORN, of recent omnipresent infamy.


See now how quickly he “tosses them under the bus,” as the presidents mentor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright had been.


All this in an effort to rewrite the past, and deny participation in what had been his grass-roots experience…


…just as our president came to deny his father’s religion.


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