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As Long as We Remember...

September 27, 2002

Like Mother, Like Son

Michael Barnes

I know we have heard plenty on this subject, but I still haven't voiced my opinion, so the issue can't be considered dead quite yet.

Let's talk about Ma Bartlett and her wonderful exhibition of how NOT to be a candidate's supportive mother.

From all the stories I have read and heard, Ma and Pa Bartlett appeared at least at one polling place, and in other stories as many as three, imposing their ideas of what free political speech is supposed to be.

From my point of view Ma got off easy. If she had attempted to do the same to me, I would be writing this from a holding cell for smacking her across the face. Not to mention she should technically be charged with assault. But hey, I'm not a lawyer or a police officer.

As much as I admire Pa Bartlett's adherence to Constitutional law (he is one of the few legislators out there that try to uphold their oath, I admit he slips, but he does come close), I am ashamed at his dismissal of his wife's actions, and even more ashamed that he would return with her to 'watch her six' so to speak.

I happened to be at the 'Great' Frederick Fair (silent prayer: PLEASE get a decent metal band to play next year) this past Friday night with my son.

Baby Bartlett was there. Many of you are well aware of his comments regarding his mother's action.

I was extremely tempted to make a "mommy's boy" type comment, but, since I don't want my son to grow up like so many Democrats and Republicans, I opted not to do such a thing.

Instead, I told him that people’s actions are learned from the mommies and daddies and that this was a person whose mommy had done a bad thing.

The whole moral of this story, ladies and gentlemen, is that some things run in families. Like father, like son. Like mother, like son. Like son, like father.

I say, instead of "Vote Joe Bartlett", make it "Vote NO Bartlett."

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