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As Long as We Remember...

September 10, 2009

Two for the Money I Mean City

Joan Marie Aquilino

There is no excuse good enough to NOT VOTE!!! It is a privilege and honor to have – and use – that single vote that belongs only to you. Your vote does make a difference.


Vote on Tuesday, September 15th.


Barely five (5) days are left until the primaries. The City of Frederick doesn’t lack for candidate choices this year. I’m highlighting two candidates I feel especially proud to know.


Randy McClement, for quite a few years and Amanda Haddaway only a few months, but, boy, does she make an impression. Both Randy and Amanda have given their hot ticket items to the citizens. I know those positions and you should also by now.


What impresses me about both of these people is their work ethics. A fellow Tentacle author had a piece this week about time management. Not to bust his bubble, but I’ve always known when you want something done give it to a busy person. Well, if Frederick City wants things done there are no two busier people than Randy McClement and Amanda Haddaway. They aren’t just busy people. They are productive time managers.


Randy McClement is the best and obviously only choice for mayor of The City of Frederick, in my view. He is the perfect example of still waters run deep. I’ve no doubt whatsoever that when the people of Frederick put Mr. McClement into office they will be thrilled with their choice. The man walks and talks Frederick like no other.  The city will save enormous money just purely on the fact that he won’t waste money on self-back-patting extensions for his arms, or on idle political posturing. He is solution-oriented, task-driven type of individual. His nice guy image is something to celebrate, not berate. His ego never gets in the way of getting the job done. There is no one better to promote Frederick City. He lives and breathes it all. Get‘er done, Randy. He’s put it all on the line for this city. There is no one on the current slate of candidates that has more experience and devotion to this town than Randy. He bought a business and home in areas of the city that needed revitalizing. He’s succeeded in both and he can do the same for the entire City.


Randy McClement: Candidate for Mayor


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Amanda Haddaway caught my attention way back at the Take Back America Rally. So, my first assessment was on demeanor and words, both very well done. I had no clue she was running for office at first, her message came first. She spoke from her heart about her commitments and passions for this country as well as her city. I said at that moment this young woman is going to shake things up and in a good way. She reminds me of myself in some aspects. She is more concerned with finding a solution and getting the job done than she is about yammering with promises about “what coulds” and “what ifs.” If the city passes up on this young woman, it will be a huge mistake. Frederick City, Ms. Haddaway is a gem; give her the right setting (which is a seat on the Board of Aldermen) and watch her shine.


Ms. Haddaway took away your last excuse for not voting. She is offering anyone that needs a ride to the polls a free one to and from the polls. Call Yellow Cab and tell them you are taking advantage of the Haddaway ride to the polls.


Amanda Haddaway – Candidate for Alderman






I will do more on the other Republican candidates after the primary, but time and space doesn’t permit that right it now. I am listing all their names and contact information. Win, lose, or draw, I want to thank everyone that had the courage to put themselves out there. Those who cared enough to try. Thank you all.


Shelly Aloi


Bill Ashton


George Bauer


On Twitter:

On MySpace:


Robert Cassidy


Joe Cohen



Senitta Conyers




Chris Huckenpoehler




Alan Imhoff



John Shupe



Contact: P.O. Box 1748, Frederick, MD 21702


Paul Smith


Remember if you voted at a school in the past you have a new polling place this time around.


The candidates have done their part now it’s up to the Voters to do their share and get out the VOTE!  If you need a ride call Yellow Cab @ 301-662-6184 and take advantage of the Haddaway offer.


’til next time . . .


Joan Aquilino-McIntyre



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