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September 9, 2009

Two Plus Two Equals Five

Kevin E. Dayhoff

By now we have all had an opportunity to either read or watch President Barack Obama’s national address to our schoolchildren that aired yesterday at high noon.


The web site for the United States Ministry – err – Department of Education advertized that the “special address” from the president would be to encourage our nation's children to persist and succeed in school. The president challenged students to work hard, set educational goals, and take responsibility for their learning.


Okay – so far, so good.


According to The Washington Times, a packet of activities was originally “sent out electronically with an August 26 electronic letter from U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan. Mr. Duncan encourages school administrators to air the presidential broadcast...”


As the accompanying work materials for the speech began to become public, an uproar ensued. And rightly so. It played right into the increasing fear of the “cult of personality” and a growing fear of the intentions of the ruling party.


Almost immediately the “Winston Smith” characters in the Obama Administration “Records Department of the Ministry of Truth” began to walk it all back. Complete with revising previously released public policy documents to fit the changing current political mood of the country that the administration so badly miscalculated.


The Wall Street Journal reported, “Anger over the president's education address prompted the Department of Education to revise a suggestion that children write a letter on how they could help the president. Instead, the agency suggested they write a letter on how they could meet their own education goals.”


Yeah, that is straight out of George Orwell’s 1949 novel about a future dystopia, “1984.”


If you recall, Mr. Smith was the main character in the book. He was a clerk in the Ministry of Education – err – Truth, whose job was to revise public policy pronouncements, newspaper articles and alter photographs to adjust them to the current party line.


“Two Plus Two Equals Five” is the reigning slogan in the book and it represents the falsehoods and principles of doublethink that have become the dogma of the government, that one must believe in order to remain free: “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”


In the case of the Ministry of Education announcement; it originally distributed a “menu of classroom activities.” They included a suggestion that schoolchildren from pre-kindergarten to sixth grade write letters about what they can do to help the president.


It was suggested that after the speech, teachers discuss with the students what “the President wants us to do.” “Does the speech make you want to do anything?” “Are we able to do what the President is asking of us?”


The announcement comes at a time when the nation is becoming increasingly weary and wary of hearing and seeing the president 24 hours a day and seven days a week.


His speech, which was electronically delivered directly to our schoolchildren, comes in the middle of a national debate on whether or not to socialize medicine.


This comes as citizens are growing fearful of enigmatic technologies being used by “big brother” to control our thoughts and punish behavior inconsistent with the party line.


The timing of the speech comes just as the Obama Administration is increasing efforts to centrally control the economy and our means of production, and directly on the heels of the nationalization of our financial institutions and much of our domestic auto manufacturing.


It comes at a time when an increasing percentage of independent voters are expressing voters’ remorse and in a period of sustained declining approval ratings for the president.


It was not too long ago when average Americans were getting unsolicited direct e-mails; myself included, from David Axelrod, the senior advisor to the president, espousing the party line on the Obama Administration public policy initiatives.


It was just weeks ago that the administration was asking Americans to rat-out their family, friends, and neighbors who may be uttering “fishy” remarks inconsistent with the ruling party line.


The rub is that most pundits, the sycophant Democrat Industrial Media Complex, and the ruling party, are totally missing the point over the increasing radicalization of dissent over the president’s initiatives and behavior.


President Obama campaigned as a moderate and he is governing as a radical leftist.


The underlying distrust of big brother – centralized government is becoming a national obsession.


When citizens say they do not trust government to govern their healthcare, instead of addressing the fundamental issues, the citizens are denounced by the ruling party as fanatics and the lunatic fringe and monitored electronically.


When citizens express concern as the ruling junta runs-up the national debt to the brink of bankruptcy, or criminalizes the public policy of the previous administration, or prosecutes the intelligence community that protected us for the last eight years – they are branded to be domestic terrorists.


As more citizens lose their jobs and suffer financially, the ruling party says the financial bailouts that were railroaded down the nation’s throat are working and everything is getting better.


In the end, I am not comfortable with any president, whether it be President Ronald Reagan, President George H. W. Bush, or President Obama – directly addressing impressionable schoolchildren.


Objectively, is there anything wrong with the President of the United States addressing schoolchildren? Arguably no, as long as the dear leader sticks with promoting education and avoids any politics.


But that does not make it right, nor does it demonstrate good political acumen from the president, who arguably ran the best presidential election campaign in history and is now governing like the worse president since 1789.


In the end, too many citizens know that two plus two does not equal five; no matter how much the eye in the computer watches our behavior or the ruling junta threatens us.


Kevin Dayhoff writes from Westminster. E-mail him at


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