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September 4, 2009

Role Reversal in America

Joe Charlebois

What’s the big deal? Democratic strategists say when responding to the recent and rapid response by conservatives and libertarians to what seems like blatant propaganda on two fronts – both aimed at school aged children.


One a video produced after the inauguration of President Obama by Ashton Kutcher and directed by Demi Moore features nearly 50 Hollywood and music industry celebrities. The other is an in class assignment linked to a presidential address from the Department of Education and the White House.


Hollywood’s elite led by Director Moore and Producer Kutcher have produced a propaganda video entitled “I Pledge.” What’s offensive is the current use of this video in schools to indoctrinate children in left-wing ideology.


To be fair many of the things espoused are common sense environmentally friendly and help your neighbor ideas. Ideas to use less plastic bags or minimize the purchase of bottled water are fantastic ideas to lessen the environmental impact of plastic production and waste.


However also in this video – where elementary school children have been subjected to its viewing – are references to promote (embryonic) stem-cell research, defecation/urination, giving someone the “bird” hand gesture and the horrors of not owning a hybrid vehicle.


Mr. Kutcher states in an MTV interview that: "The 'Presidential Pledge' is a platform for people across the nation and throughout the world to make a first-person commitment of service to our new president, articulating a specific intent or action to become an agent of positive change."


Note that this is service to Barack Obama, not God, country or family.


Most concerning is the ending of the video where a group of the stars “pledge our service to Barack Obama.” These are the types of pledges that were made hundreds of years ago when lords and ladies relied on the serfs to protect their fiefdoms. It may feel that I am exaggerating this point, but the only pledge we should make is to our nation and in defense of our Constitution.


Every morning in schools throughout the land the Pledge of Allegiance is recited by teachers, administrators and, of course, the students. It is an oath designed to point out that we stand by the founding principles of the United States Constitution. It is not an oath of allegiance to a singular leader. Countries that pledge service to an individual end up elevating that person to a level that supersedes their constitutional limits and subjects them to a life of servitude and an end to freedoms.


The president – no matter who he or she is – deserves our respect. We do not have to like them or agree with their policies to respect the office they hold. The respect they deserve should not be seen as reason for idolatry or proof that they are more important than the Constitution.


This leads to the second point. The Department of Education and the White House have teamed up to develop a curriculum to partner with the presidential address to be broadcast to schools on September 8. The speech is purportedly a call to public service, hard work, responsibility and commitment to education. The speech is to be broadcast at 12 noon on C-Span.


On the surface, the call sounds no different than what the scouting organizations ask of their scouts as they progress through their respective organizations.


Where the two differ dramatically is in the approach. The White House and Department of Education have provided worksheets that focus on the president and how we can help the president. Elementary school children will be asked:


What is the president trying to tell me to do?


What is the president asking me to do?


What new ideas and actions is the president challenging me to think about?


Samples of questions for junior and senior high students are:


Why does President Obama want to speak with us today?


How will he inspire us?


How will he challenge us?

What might he say?


Some of these questions are innocuous. Others are subtle in their elevation of the president.


If the speech that the president is to give stays focused on the American ideals of hard work, pursuing your education and community service that would be fine. The concern remains that this may be a further push for centralization of charities and volunteering under the umbrella of the president.


For too long the citizens of this country were fooled into thinking that government was the answer. With the new-found uprising of informed citizens to challenge the usurpation of their constitutional powers there has been a renewed vigilance. There will be little that will get past the American people now.


We must remember the founding of this country was based on a contract between the citizens, the state and the federal government. We the people created the federal government to handle the duties that alone the states or individual citizens could not handle as a smaller entity, such as national defense.


The federal government was designed to answer to the citizens, not the other way around. We are their employers. We pay their salaries. They need to pledge their service to us.



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