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September 1, 2009


Roy Meachum

This morning my schedule calls for an early exercise session, the first step in rehabilitation. My right knee was replaced yesterday by orthopedic surgeon Robert Fisher. X-rays showed the connection had been reduced to bone-on-bone, all the cartilage lost.


Dr. Fisher tried to stave off cutting me apart. Shots in January were followed by more injections; it was not until June that he first brought up the probability of knee-replacement. Let me hasten to clarify that the knee is not really replaced; the bones are operated on to allow the installation of a replacement for the missing cartilage.


In any event, I should be shipped back to North Market Street the day after tomorrow; the time in Frederick Memorial Hospital will go toward making me ready. My son came up from Washington to tend me – and Pushkin. Son Roy will give the English pointer his daily promenades and do the best to answer questions about why I’m not trailing after my favorite critter.




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