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As Long as We Remember...

August 27, 2009

Reversing Roles

Chris Cavey

There is a vast difference between revolution, which is a fundamental change in power, and revolt, meaning to renounce allegiance or subjection. There is revolution happening across our nation currently as masses of people take the streets to protest Obamacare.


There is no renouncement to our form of government but a desire by “we the people” to make sure the changes which are coming take the desired form. We experience a strange yet wonderful relationship with the first amendment when we voice our opinions to those who are supposed to represent us in government.


Acts of revolution have happened since 1776 in our country. Just within my lifetime people took the streets to march in revolution for civil rights, against wars, for the rights of the unborn and even to protect Mother Earth from its own inhabitants. All were a demand for change which was aimed at our elected leaders, not at our Constitution, in hope those leaders would react.


Healthcare is no different.


There is no one who truly believes that our current healthcare system is not in dire need of improvement. The discussion is how to fix the problem equitably and efficiently. How do you work against the basic mathematical principles of insurance and expect success?


How do you protect the needy and elderly, yet not over burden the working family by forcing them to shoulder the financial burden? How can you expect government to efficiently handle anything in our current inefficient bureaucracy? Who would want to throw something as important as their healthcare into that sea of bureaucracy?


You cannot answer these questions with an 1,100-page bill, one which the Democrats in Congress are trying to sell to the public one town hall meeting at a time, carrying the water for President Barack Obama. The problem is so complex that even 1,100 pages of professional mumbo-jumbo cannot fix the problem – nor fool the people.


What is needed is a cultural change – and you can’t legislate that. We the people need to learn and to accept responsibility.


Talk to anyone who is 75 or older and ask them how many times they visited the doctor in the 40s or 50s; or how strange it was to know a relative who went to a hospital? They took care of themselves and their families. Hospitals and doctors were used only when needed – they were respected and not litigated.


No one thought about suing the very people you needed in an emergency. They were people who gave life and fixed problems that couldn’t be fixed by Mom, chicken soup, common sense and a little rest.


We are, in essence, having a revolution against the very culture we created. We have legislated a culture where government is responsible for the people when it should be the people who are responsible for government.


It is once again time for revolution; this time a cultural one. We the people need to understand that with our freedom comes responsibility. We must instill in our children and grandchildren the idea that responsibility is for self, family, community and country. America was made great by those who understood these principles.


Health care is very important and it will be on the front burner for awhile. Being charitable to our fellow man is always important. But just like we teach our children to walk, and no longer carry them, we need to instill in our American culture the same type of value.


Regardless of the minutia in this giant bill – what will work and what will not – it is just plain wrongheaded because it further promotes the idea of government taking care of people. Some day we will find the answer to healthcare in America, however President Obama and his Congress have got it dead wrong this time.


Continue to fight. Stand up for the principle that people should take care of government – and let your elected officials know!


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