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As Long as We Remember...

August 17, 2009

The Long Reach of the Tentacles

Steven R. Berryman

Having been on my “staycation” last week, I did not present my usual column last week. With so much transpiring in the meantime, here come some mini-Tentacles in an effort to catch up and to make up!


In no particular order, these items could have filled the normal thousand words, and are in a format for a big twitter-fest:


* * * * * * * * *


President’s Town Hall Lie


It took all of my willpower to skip my normal Tentacle column on vacation week; I did so just so I could say I did! My placebo was to jot a blurb for Regular Folks United, Lori Roman’s very successful web page.


Normally I just cross-post the lead of my usual column there for some extra exposure, but the abbreviated format and immediacy lent itself to my Town Hall feelings at the time.


…which just could not wait! The planted softball questions for President Barack Obama in New Hampshire – shown live on C-span – were too much to take, as no effort was made to mask it.


…and then when he made the statement that the Obama-supported-healthcare-reforms had the specific endorsement of the AARP – an outright lie – I had had enough!


[See also more of the dark-side as a phony doctor gave glowing testimony at a Sheila Jackson Lee Town Hall meeting:]


* * * * * * * * *


Movie Review: District 9


This Neil Blomkamp directed film looks like a science fiction new release with “Aliens” potential, but is not. This disturbing vision of a first contact in the sky over Johannesburg, South Africa, is gut wrenching socio-political commentary with an apartheid backdrop.


The alien reference is more apt as compared to “illegal-immigrants” as it turns out!


The space-aliens coming to earth are actually refugees resembling insects; and they eventually inhabited local slums in large numbers. In a most derogatory fashion, as they became a “problem” for the local, mostly black tribal inhabitants, the creatures became known as “prawns” in an allusion to the “n” word, in the most ironic way.


The R rating is justly earned more from the intensity than for dropping the “F-bomb,” with an Afrikaner accent many times. I brought my two sons to be co-critics, and had some unsteady moments. Do not bring anyone under 15.


The first half of the film was distinctly uncomfortable for me, but was worth sticking it out, as the commentary on the human condition was absolutely hugely important, and a substantial social statement.


My boys loved it – which surprised me – and we talked about it the rest of the day; special effects were awesome.


At one of the first showings at the Regal Westview 16 Theater, an altercation actually broke out between four adults during the films ending directly in front of us, as a direct result of emotions emanating from one of the viewers. The theater manager had to personally intercede before things got out of control.


Go see it.  Come forewarned.


* * * * * * * * *


Sheriff Jenkins Keynotes the Maryland Thursday Meeting


Last Thursday I traveled with our sheriff, Chuck Jenkins, to Sykesville for the 94th regular gathering of the politically Center-Right-Conservative Coalition known as the Maryland Thursday Meeting.


Sheriff Jenkins was the keynote speaker for this two-hour session moderated by Conservative insider Richard Falknor and hosted by Larry Helminiak, both professional level political operatives and activists.


The presentation elucidated upon our sheriff’s very successful relationship with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to project federal laws deeper into the county level.


Although Frederick County is highly successful with this program, known as 287(g), as measured by citizen response, or plaudits from peer sheriffs’ groups, the game may be changing:


Among the sheriff’s points were…


*President Obama may be undercutting these local cooperative efforts to stem the tide of crime from illegal-criminal-aliens by enacting “Secure Communities” which will spread the verification of citizenship status to the national level, but only for certain crimes; for instance, NOT for drug offenses.


To make matters worse, this new Federal program that seems like progress in the battle has the devil in the details; it may take up to four years to implement, stalling others beyond the point where a potential “amnesty” program may be granted in 2010.  This potentially could justify a funding cut-off for 287(g).


*Immigrant Obstructionist group, CASA of Maryland is continuing to pursue a law suit against the Frederick Sheriff’s Department about the release of public records, some specific to the ICE that man not even be within his purview to allow.


Also see


* * * * * * * * *


Kreslins and Lyons Media Frenzy on CNN and FOX and Friends


Federalist [Papers] 45 declares that the HR3200 bill is in violation of the Constitution concerning healthcare reform; and if you follow the organizers of “We Surround Them – Frederick, you would already know this!


Talking heads from CNN and also “FOX and Friends” have been standing up and paying attention to both Mark Kreslins and Joshua Lyons, based upon testimony and comments made last week at the Senator Ben Cardin Town Hall Meeting in Towson.


For some of the video clips see:


And for those that think left-wing thugs were not bussed in as Democrat-good-squad, see:


The next regular meetup of We Surround Them is scheduled for Friday August 21.



And that’s the way the cookie crumbles!

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