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August 6, 2009

Wrong About What’s Right

Patricia A. Kelly

The latest brain child from our president, Barack Obama, is the last straw for me. And it isn’t likely to be the last “idea” whose time has come for this candidate who promised “Change we can believe in.”


I liked him. I thought, and still think he was right about many of the problems afflicting American society, and American government.


He and I have had a honeymoon. Why not? He’s handsome, young, attentive to his adorable daughters, a family man, funny, a person who calls for responsibility, intelligent, energetic, and charming. It’s been great – while it’s lasted.


I listened and read as the bailouts unfolded, believing that, since so many people thought it necessary, and I am not well-educated in matters financial, it might be true. And, of course, the government did a great job of organizing it and protecting the money they were spending.


Too big to fail are the businesses that were saved, people said. I gave the president the benefit of the doubt when he wanted control of business practices of those bailed out, thinking it made sense for him to watch over the outcome of taxpayer expenditures. I thought he was being responsible. Now he’s talking more generally about regulating executive compensation.


It reminds me of communism. “From each according to his contribution, to each according to his needs.” We all know how that worked.


When the government bought GM and Chrysler, I thought it might be necessary to preserve production capacity in the United States, especially now that we have outsourced so much. I was thinking of World War II, when auto plants were converted to armament production.


How absolutely vulnerable are we, with so little production capacity after so much outsourcing? Can we make clothes and provide adequate food and household goods for our population (other than all that subsidized corn)?


Then I learned that government-owned auto companies were able to undercut Ford’s financing, effectively punishing Ford for independent production.


Now for the last straw – the Cash for Clunkers program. This, in effect, punishes those of us who have been driving fuel conserving cars all along, and pays people cash to buy new cars! Not only that, while it does take the old gas guzzlers out of circulation, parts from them can be resold, thus making additional profit for the dealers. The whole car can’t be sold, just the parts.


This in a country that is vastly overextended financially, by a president who has been asking for responsible behavior and sacrifice on the part of the populace.


Not only that, the program, in typical federal government fashion, has been totally muddled, with three-hour computer application time, and a temporary halt in midstream.


I can’t wait for single payer, government-controlled health care, the choice that president has said he supports. That should be really special. I just read today about a ruling from the Oregon health care system denying a new chemotherapy drug to a cancer patient, but offering to cover comfort measures and physician-assisted suicide!


Be sure to write your congressman and tell him you expect him to be covered under the program, too, because neither he nor President Obama is planning on it.


During my honeymoon with President Obama, the radical right has been screaming about how far to the left he intends to go. I have been giving him the benefit of the doubt, remembering the intolerance of the fundamentalist right, and the unethical behavior of many of the business people, physicians, attorneys and politicians who have had leadership roles during the recent conservative years. They have a lot to do with our country’s shift to the left, and to the election of this president.


Not only that, but they argue against liberal proposals, while failing to contribute to a reasonable effort to find solutions.


Our country does need change. We need solutions in health care, foreign policy, business ethics and many other areas. We are, however, a society that highly values individual liberty, and our current path is clearly leading us away from that.


I’m furious. I feel betrayed. Can it really be that we, with our trillion dollar deficit, are paying people cash to buy new cars?


I’m afraid it’s over between President Obama and me. He may often be right about what’s wrong, but he’s definitely wrong about what’s right.


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