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July 28, 2009

What are the answers?

Bill Brosius

Circumstances are troubling today. No one in the current Obama Administration seems terribly concerned. The president appears to think they can be ignored, or he can apologize for the USA, and every potential problem will melt away. The axis of evil is no more? Terrorists have mended their ugly ways? There are no latent catastrophic threats for us?


Those of you who think these comforting thoughts, please answer the following questions:


1.      How and when are we going to pay off our national debts, now cumulatively larger than under all presidents from George Washington through George W. Bush, combined?


2.      Iran just tested (on May 19) a missile that can deliver its warhead 1500 miles from its takeoff point, and is developing nuclear warheads.) What should the United States do about Iran and its development of Inter-continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) and nuclear weapons (nukes)?


3.      North Korea has launched several ICBMs with ranges up to 1500 miles. More were defiantly launched on July 4. They have bragged openly about developing nukes. What do to we do about N. Korea?


4.      N. Korea is only 4,400 air miles from Hawaii. Sydney, Australia, and Seattle, WA are 5,200 ICBM miles from N. Korea. North Korea has already sent an ICBM over Japan and 1,500 mi. toward Hawaii. Do we ignore the development of ICBMs and nukes by North Korea, or wait until they bomb Alaska, Honolulu or Seattle?


5.      President Barack Obama fired the CEO of General Motors (Okay, the administration "suggested" that he should resign) and replaced five directors on GM’s board. In return for "rescuing" GM, the United States gets 50% ownership, and the labor unions get 39% ownership of GM – that is grabbing 89 % of what was for years the most powerful and strongest company in the USA. Bondholders got 10%, a fraction of what they had loaned GM. The common stockholder-owners were left with the grand total of 1% - ONE PERCENT. Chrysler and GM have emerged from bankruptcy. Are the government and labor unions to own and attempt to run GM, and the banking firms, and what else? They can do a good job?  Right, and pigs fly.


6.      We are being urged to accept a national health care plan that will greatly increase our federal deficit. Further, bureaucrats will decide what treatments are to be paid for under the plan – health care will be rationed. I have no doubt that if the plan were in existence 10 years ago, it would not have paid for my heart bypass (successful). nor my prostate cancer treatments (cured). Under a bureaucrat run system, I, then an 82 year old, would be denied coverage because I "would die soon anyway, so why spend all that on him." Eight years later, after treatment, I am still functioning quite well, thank you, in good health.) Do we want to let bureaucrats, acting like God, ration health care and decide who is to live, or die?


Maybe you have some questions as well. Good luck with the answers.

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