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July 27, 2009

Why Take Back America?

Steven R. Berryman

To the uninitiated, the very concept of a “meet-up group” can be worrisome, and a bit unsettling. With much curiosity about our local splinter organization emerging from the original “Tea Party Movement,” I jumped into the fray last Friday night at the Hampton Inn’s meeting room.


What had been people from the original April 15th protests had butterflied into something better and with more focus: We Surround Them – Frederick.


These are the people that just put on the highly successful Fourth of July rally at the Frederick County Courthouse called Take Back America, co-hosted by WFMD news-talk radio as covered in my previous column [click here].


I invited several friends, and showed up a half hour early to get a good seat, but mostly to hear the back-channel conversation of participants, as they revealed motives for attending, and what they wanted to “get out of it.”


Young and old, teachers, accountants, children, managers and engineers from our area…They wanted to do something NOW!


By 7:30 P.M. it was standing room only, with gents giving up seats to the ladies, and well over one hundred attendees. I spotted Donna Crook of the Frederick County Board of Education, and also Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, in the crowd, and later buttonholed them for a time.


Both visibly with a bias for action!


About half of the crowd was veterans of previous meet-ups on the same theme of political reform in America. These were not the “disgruntled and disenfranchised” minority, as Katherine Heerbrandt, columnist from the Frederick News Post, has suggested. These were regular people like you and me that had not given up on regaining the correct balance of power in America:


The group correctly recognized that our Founding Fathers, should they appear suddenly today from a time-machine, would not recognize our government as it operates today, which conducts itself most incorrectly as the people being beholden to their government.


But Take Back America from what?


Answer: From the tyranny of a progressive government that is now out of control, that ignores constraints carefully laid out in our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Federalist Papers.


Adding up medium term unfounded liabilities, duty to entitlements, Social Security, Medicare, and other obligations, we will be fully $99 trillion dollars in the red as a nation!


Via loopholes in our Enumerated Powers large enough to drive a truck through, politicians from both sides of the aisles have enacted legislation to form open-ended plans that have bankrupted us.


For 70 years, the trend has been for citizens to accede to a Congress that is unresponsive to constituents, lives for incumbency, and has pulled up the drawbridge on accountability!


Who’s to blame?


It’s not the Democrats. It’s not the Republicans. We have all been asleep at the switch.


It’s you and me, brother. Perhaps it is because as we have allowed ourselves to become complacent due to our lack of knowledge of governing principles and the very laws that have enabled our keepers. Lessons of history have been forgotten!


Do we even fully know what our rights are, and what lies in our Constitution?


Perhaps we have been seduced by a consumer society marked by materialism and “keeping up with the Joneses.” You are what you own; we were consoled by possessions, and the illusions of freedom.  We want more things!


We had been complicit in borrowing from the future to accomplish this. We keep re-electing our facilitators, who kept leaving details to future generations; this is very much against our best interests.


The method of meet-up sessions at We Surround Them is to self-teach principles laid out in Founding documents in an open forum.


Friday night there was open discussion concerning the three clauses held most responsible, via their abuse, for our current fiscal conundrum:


*The General Welfare Clause; and


*The Commerce Clause; and


*The Necessary and Proper Clause.


As closely defined, and taken into the context of the middle 1700s, they were never intended to provide open-ended justifications for federal government without limits!


Yet we find ourselves in a world where the very materials used inside your car’s break lining is highly regulated, and someday the very temperature you keep on your homes thermostat may be federally regulated, automatically adjusted in “real time,” with penalties for overriding. This is an offshoot of energy regulation.


As healthcare nationalization and socialization is rushed to us under a false flag, understand that this level of government overreach, as justified above, could lead to denial of your insurance coverage due to willfully eating too many french fries, or avoiding mandated exercise from a government doctor!


The action plan from “We Surround Them – Frederick” will seek to deny the exercise of unlimited power to our government and to return us to a system where the government is answerable to those making up its citizenry!


The restoration of a robust state level government, as we believe was the intent of our Founders, will be key to this.


Form letters from Congress will not be acceptable as the only response to complaints or thoughtful feedback. We will work toward limiting the corrupting effects of the halls of power.


The current breakdown of the separation of powers between executive and legislative branches of government will not be allowed to fester. Collusion between our judiciary and the other two branches must be exposed and condemned.


This will be accomplished by a further joining-up with other like-minded groups, and by continuously holding up the mirror of accountability, and exposure, regardless of individual embarrassment or party loyalty. We shall see just which candidates rise to the occasion and support them wholeheartedly! This, regardless of affiliation.


The next steps for this most grass roots of movements will be to raise awareness and visibility, and to push back. Locating kindred spirits has not been a challenge and the continuing learning process will remain never-ending.


Look forward to massive support for a September Rally called “912,” furthering this cause, most patriotic.


Why Take Back America? Because it’s ours to lose.


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