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July 21, 2009

Who brought the canards to this party?

Farrell Keough

Many of us have known people who married the person involved in the break up of their marriage. We have also seen this situation in which one or the other in this new marriage cheats again. It is a difficult situation, but one with which a person has to wonder, why would you trust someone who has a known history of cheating or breaking vows?


Trust is a rare commodity and one which must not be broken as it is difficult, if not impossible, to regain. This situation seems to be playing out in the Maryland Republican Party. Dr. James Pelura III, the current chairman, is under significant fire from leaders within the party. This is neither a defense nor a condemnation of Dr. Pelura – that chain of events is taking place throughout newspaper articles, emails, and letters. (I have met Dr. Pelura and personally like the man very much. I have also been appointed to a state-wide Commission on the Environment by Dr. Pelura.)


The first publicized warning of events to come took place on July 8, 2009. In that news story it was disclosed that Dr. Pelura had fired an executive director and that was the only “fact” known. But, various party officials decided to give the newspaper their own perceptions of the event – as to how much they knew is a serious question. But more important, what was the motive to speak about a subject in which all “facts” were not yet on the table?


A political party is not a government entity – it is an organization of people who hold similar beliefs with the aim of promoting certain candidates and objectives. Hence, transparency holds a different requirement for a political party than it does for a government agency. If a situation arises within a political party, it must be dealt with by those elected to authority and the results then presented to the greater public. By allowing rifts to be displayed in the press prior to resolution, the only thing accomplished is diminution of the party. Some may determine they are achieving an upper hand, but in truth they are displaying their own self-interest.


Following the initial press release, further sources spoke to other outlets. Perusing these hyperlinked newspaper articles, one will notice that a few names continue to appear. This is an odd situation for a group of elected officials whose interest should be in promotion of the party, not in its attenuation.


This is the circumstance that should be considered. It is unknown who may have initially released this information. It could be anyone among those directly involved to someone believing they had something to gain. We do not have the “facts” and any further hypothesis would be mere speculation. That is important to note!


Having noted that we cannot comment upon what we do not know, one has to wonder the motive behind others commenting to the press. As Dr. Pelura had not divulged his reasoning and perspectives to the executive committee, any further commentary was pure speculation. Is this the kind of leadership we look for in our party?


The outcome of the executive committee held last Saturday, has not been made public. When the meeting was held in Annapolis, members of the executive committee immediately called for a “closed session.” This is the correct process and precisely how this situation should have been handled from the start – not airing dirty-laundry speculation in advance of determining the truth and facts. We are a nation and a party of laws. By disregarding that simple truth, the integrities of many involved in this situation have been revealed.


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