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July 8, 2009

Palin Derangement Syndrome

Kevin E. Dayhoff

Last Friday the liberal hate machine gasped in collective horror at the very idea that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin may not be around in the foreseeable future and be the object of anger looking for a safe victim.


It all happened at a last minute news conference, at her home along the shoreline of Wasilla Lake, which was only announced to the local Alaska media.


Howard Kurtz of The Washington Post called her performance “a rambling discourse that touched on her baby, her prayers, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, her visit to Kosovo and her life as a high-school point guard.”


And so it was that Governor Palin – otherwise known as “Caribou Barbie … one nutty puppy,” to the likes of New York Times columnists Maureen Dowd – said she had decided to not seek a second term as governor.


Therefore, in order to avoid being a dead duck, sitting duck, err, lame duck, she was resigning at the end of the month.


Oh, that’s right! She said she did not want to be a lame duck or a dead fish: “Nah, only dead fish go with the flow,” said Governor Palin without winking.


Liberals and traditional media outlets reacted as if their abused spouse had decided to leave the marital domicile.


Jonathan Martin wrote in Politico that Governor Palin made “a stunning decision that could free her to run for president...”


The major news outlets immediately acted out the quote by Sir Winston S. Churchill: “A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject,” and went with the flow ad nauseum about what it all means for her bid for president in 2012.


Well, I for one, at the moment, do not think she is preparing herself for a presidential run in 2012. I think that many of the armchair pundits have it wrong.


I watched the video of her announcement and my immediate reaction is that she has had enough – and who could blame her?


I hope for her sake, and the sake of her family, that she retires to life as a private citizen.


If one puts her tenure in the national glare in the context of how this nation has collectively and misogynistically treated Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton in their past bids for national office – and now Governor Palin, we should, as a nation, hang our heads in shame.


The scurrilous attacks have shown no signs of letting up.


Since last fall, liberal lefties have launched one after another-silly, vexatious, ethic commission charges – almost all of which have proved to be essentially groundless.


Various news reports cite that Governor Palin has asserted that the constant barrage of baseless allegations have cost Alaska $2 million, taken up 80 percent of her time and left her one-half a million dollars in debt.


Not to be overlooked is that just recently there was the infamous late night comedian David Letterman incident in which he joked about Governor Palin’s youngest daughter getting ‘knocked up’ by the New York Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez.


Then there was the hit-job by what Mr. Kurtz refers to as a “hard-edged Vanity Fair piece, in which former McCain campaign strategists questioned her mental state and even wondered whether she was suffering from postpartum depression.”


Of course, all the attacks have been made by “unnamed sources.”


Let’s not lose sight of a recent incident in which the online gossip website, Wonkette, prominently posted an inappropriate Photoshoped picture of her child, who has Downs Syndrome.


If any of the above had happened to a prominent liberal politician, or President Barack Obama or his family, for example, the “Katie Courics” of the world and the National Organization of (Liberal) Women types would have been up in arms.


Yet the double standards persist.


It’s Palin Derangement Syndrome on steroids.


On June 28, 2009, William A. Jacobson, on his website Legal Insurrection noted: “It really is hard to understand why some adults feel the need to make fun of Trig Palin, a one-year old who has Down Syndrome. Politics alone cannot explain it. If you don't like Sarah Palin, fine, but why go after Trig?


“The controversy regarding the Photoshop of Trig by Alaskan blogger Linda Biegel is only the tip of the iceberg. Ever since Governor’s Palin’s nomination, Trig has been a target. Last fall, the popular DC-based ‘gossip’ website Wonkette joked how Trig must have wished he'd been aborted...


“All the attacks on Trig are Sarah's fault,” according to the Wonkette post, since Sarah had the audacity to bring Trig on stage at the Republican National Convention … which Wonkette calls using Trig as a ‘cheap political prop.’ I guess that makes the Obama kids fair game, according to Wonkette’s thinking, since the Mr. Obama brought them on stage at the Democratic National Convention.


In the context of the vile non-stop character assassination by the lefty-haters and the elite media since Arizona Sen. John McCain picked her for his vice presidential running mate last fall – one may only imagine that Governor Palin has said to herself: “Who needs this crap?”


Meanwhile, it is forever amusing to witness commentators who are one Twinkie away from postal over the entire matter, who postulate that Governor Palin is freeing herself of the shackles of the governor’s office thus disqualifying her for a future presidential bid.


He who lives by the crystal ball eats glass.


Nothing makes sense in American politics these days in a country where one-half of the population works for a living and the other half votes for a living – who along with a pathologically sycophant media – elected Barack Obama, a young, inexperienced, unknown “community organizer” to be president.


Hopefully, for now, Governor Palin, can write a book or two, make some speeches, pay off her enormous legal bills and go fishing and hunting for a long time away from the likes of the National-Organization-of-(Liberal)-Women types, the traditional elitist eastern establishment misogynistic press, and the liberal hate bloggers.


Kevin Dayhoff writes from Westminster.  E-mail him at


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