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July 6, 2009

The Take Back America Rally

Steven R. Berryman

It was my honor and pleasure to bear witness to the first annual rally in front of the Frederick County Courthouse on the 4th of July. Not a “tea party,” it was about taking back America.


And we took full liberty on our Freedom to Assemble. Use it or lose it.


Upfront, I will assure everyone that this is a highly personally biased column, written from the perspective of one that loves America, not for what she could be, but for what she is. In short, “If it ain’t broke, don’t break it!”


Question the motives of those tinkering with democracy. It is your responsibility as a citizen.


Do you want our government to do for America what they did for General Motors? GM clearly now stands for “Government Motors,” and they will be going after the micro-mini car market now, certainly in competition with India.


Do you want your home resale to be predicated on government-directed decisions on how green-compliant it is? Wake up, America!


Notably absent from this rally were political representatives from the Democratic Party, from any level of our government. Pick one, and they were not there. Presumably all is well for them, and there are no danger signals.


Absent also were news writers from our major media organizations. Not a single camera crew, despite the advanced publicity. Keep that in mind as the proceedings are discussed over the next two days.


Joe Volz scribbled notes furiously for a column, incognito with red ball cap and teal blue Hawaiian shirt.


WFMD Radio, AM930, was an event sponsor and got everything on tape. The (once) “youngest good ol’ boy in Frederick,” Blaine Young, was master of ceremonies, and gave a patriotic, inspirational speech. However he was quite upstaged by his handsome sons, especially during their reading of the Pledge of Allegiance!


My very good friend Bob Miller gave a passionate sermon-like talk that struck home. As the host of the Morning News Express – 5 to 9 a.m. weekdays, he came out of his radio persona to become another connected patriot. This man was present out of loyalty to God and Country, and not as some cheesy radio stunt.


The disassociation of Christianity and country was clearly part of the ongoing theme, and had more to do with a declining national morality than any prohibition of church plus state. Bob is the poster child for this one!


Sheriff Chuck Jenkins stole the show. Specifically clarifying that he was speaking as citizen and not an elected official, he was clearly agitated about the direction of our country and energized the crowd with the salient agenda items we need to turn back to greatness as a nation.


When the moment is right, we will need Chuck.


Who remembers when respect for the flag, recognition of our Pledge of Allegiance, and gathering in peaceful groups were deemed to be signs of patriotic solidarity within our union of states? As a positive!


Strangely, the leader of the free world, our President Barack Obama, and his administration now considers such trappings of peaceful conservative protests to be trite jingoism, and authorities document peaceful dissent.


Now you understand part of the genesis of the protest, and why we need to “take it back.”


Congressman Roscoe Bartlett gave a rousing defense of the Constitution, and County Commissioner Charles Jenkins, and State Senator Alex Mooney also had podium time to speak their minds on fiscal conservatism and citizens’ rights.


Several military choppers, presumably part of Department of Homeland Security, zoomed over the crowd and circled ominously. At one point, an Obama-blazoned helo also hovered around the courthouse building to mock the most patriotic of ceremonies, even though we were highly aligned with the spirit of 1776, and the intentions of the Founding Fathers.


Thomas Jefferson – or at least his likeness – read the Declaration of Independence and brought it to life.


Sponsoring group We Surround Them, with patriot Mark Kreslins and Joshua Lyons, were a main organizers of the event, and rallied many to the cause. Over 1,100 regular people and citizens came to listen, participate, and learn. Most stayed the entire time until 10:30 A.M., a half-hour longer than planned, just to get all of the speakers from the audience in.


(Group sign up information follows this column.)


The non-candidate citizens upstaged everyone else this day, and provided real hope.


One of the largest applause lines came about in a hand-raising exercise concerning tolerance for career politicians and suggestions of term-limits. “Get in, get the job done, and get out – quick” was the clear message from a non-partisan crowd!


Even Congressman Bartlett was challenged; but at least he has been consistent all along.


That our government continues to spend citizen money for political-perk programs, fraught with waste, abuse, and a lack of transparency – and any accountability – was a recurring theme.


Why is our media asleep at the switch now, mute in cross examination of campaign pledges?


That many rushed legislative programs, jammed down our throats, are but taxes-in-drag was clearly noticed by the crowd and many speakers.


The embarrassing Cap-and-Trade legislation fooled nobody present; this a payoff to partisan faux eco-supporters that donated heavily.


A young boy, with a terrible and rare bone disease, came bravely to speak, discussed his condition, and the fact that children like him would not be covered for the numerous necessary surgeries needed to stay whole. This struck home, brought healthcare reform obfuscation to crystal clarity, and brought a silent tear to many an eye.


With enormous irony, the three Marine white-top helicopters designated “Air Force One” came whizzing over us at a critical juncture at our rally, certainly returning from Obama’s Camp David retreat. As if we had rooted him out!


As for yours truly, I snuck in a few words, and lost my voice from cheering too much.


My concern was that today we all take a moment to reflect on what is great about our country, and commit to amplifying this message to all of our friends, bringing more of us into the process than ever before!


Bless our citizens, for they are America.


And May God Bless America.




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