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September 12, 2002

Gentlemen! Mom Says It's Okay To Start Our Engines

David 'Kip' Koontz

What an example of grace, charm and dignity Mrs. Ellen Bartlett turned out to be this week.

She joins the ranks of her husband and son at being a complete embarrassment for Frederick County.

Seems Mrs. Bartlett began her reign of terror throughout District 4A at about 7:10 A. M. when she pulled into the Libertytown precinct to find a David Brinkley volunteer passing out palm cards she claimed were illegal.

Upon confronting the gentleman, who said her face "became contorted and she began snarling at him," she exclaimed in a harsh manner that the handouts were illegal and that he should give them to her immediately.

When the gentleman refused to give her the cards, Mrs. Bartlett grabbed his hands and pulled on the handouts until he released them.

She then threw them on the passenger seat of her vehicle and sped off, only to end up at the Mount Pleasant precinct where she encountered a Brinkley volunteer, who was not just handing out the "offensive" cards but was holding a sign Mrs. Bartlett declared illegal as well.

At Mt. Pleasant, Mrs. Bartlett demanded the volunteer holding the sign relinquish it to her.

She was not at all pleased when the volunteer refused to do so.

She became incensed.

So incensed, that she pushed into the gentleman holding the "offending" sign, causing him to spill a full cup of coffee onto a chair provided for her son's campaign worker and to drop the sign.

Mrs. Bartlett then stood on the sign and refused to move.

Later in the day, Mrs. Bartlett encountered yet another Brinkley supporter, this time in Middletown, and again demanded in the most terse tones possible that the volunteer turn over the "offensive" handouts immediately.

This gentleman refused and told Mrs. Bartlett that she would have to remove them from his "cold dead fingers" at which Mrs. Bartlett retreated at that challenge.

Sadly, the family defended her behavior at Mt. Pleasant by saying she was only acting like "a mother." But do you really want your mother pushing people and stomping on campaign signs simply because she doesn't like their sentiments?

Seriously, Congressman Bartlett's response to the incident was: "If somebody wants to criticize her for being a mother, let them go to it."

Most would be horrified if their mother or wife behaved like that in public.

Delegate Bartlett (and what were the voters of District 4A thinking in voting for him?) responded that his mother "cares about the election like any mother would, and I appreciate that."


Many a mother cares about an election without accosting campaign volunteers.

Why didn't daddy and son simply keep their mouths shut and wait for the entire matter to blow over instead of trying to put a good spin on inappropriate behavior?

Shows they may be a bit dimwitted.

Maybe Mrs. Bartlett needs a vacation.

Maybe anger management classes.

Anyway, her behavior on Election Day was deplorable and will hopefully reflect on the fact that the entire lot of the Bartlett clan seems unfit to serve in a public capacity.

Maybe next month instead of Democratic challenger Don DeArmon and Congressman Bartlett having debates, Mrs. Bartlett will challenge Mrs. DeArmon to a boxing match, or if not that, then WWE style wrestling would be great entertainment.

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