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As Long as We Remember...

June 29, 2009

Cap and Traitor

Steven R. Berryman

The House of Representatives barely passed the first stage in President Obama’s “Cap-and-Trade” energy/ecology legislation late Friday 219-212. This, with the help of eight Republican traitors crossing over to vote, and having not read the bill, hundreds of pages of which only just became available at 3 A.M. on the day of the vote.


Most Republicans stood unified, but the Democrats stole the day, at your expense.


I’m no congressman, but I would not have signed onto this measure; but then, I had no time to actually read it either!


Climate change? No.


What some call the junk science behind the causes of global warming has never been resolved with any degree of scientific provability. Cow flatulence may be the actual source of changing weather patterns for all we know, but even esteemed science laureates do not agree!


And I don’t care how many videos of Al Gore, in front of polar bears, weeping, and melting glaciers are offered; videos showing ice forming additional mass are not nearly so exciting!


…And satellite photos do not show the thickness of ice being measured for spread or decline, nor do they prove that whatever trend in flow is demonstrated is unnatural in any way.


Spare me your discussion of dissolved greenhouse gases in ancient ice, as data is malleable!


Even the certainty that the weather patterns, themselves, are indeed meandering into the wrong direction in average temperature, or duration of some meteorological measurable cycle is most debatable.


Taxation change? Yes!


Here’s a pattern that does make sense; no scientists required: Obama Administration agenda items that pose as stimulus, or rescue ostensibly to mend our failing economy during our Great Recession, are in fact traitorous acts meant to cement the new liberal power base and institutionalize citizen dependency on big government.


*Healthcare will become more expensive under new plans. Plus rationed!


*Amnesty will cost American citizens their jobs and drive wages down.


*Bank bailouts that benefited banks without improvements in available cash to lend       will cost you via inflation.


*Cash for General Motors that funded the closing of 800 dealerships, costing jobs, and making it       harder to get to a service center.


The above are at the expense of real job creation, real aid to business, and any semblance of productivity still remaining in our existing manufacturing infrastructure.


Our own government studies suggest that for every “green job” created, two or more other jobs will be lost!


Farcical? Yesterday I got a note from the Sierra Club asking me to oppose “Cap and Trade.”


We all now know, after the weekend news-talk television cycle, some of the basics (but little detail of safeguards, for instance) of how trading “carbon credits” works in theory.


An enormous government agency will be created to assign all businesses a framework of how much carbon they may excrete from smoke stacks or consume. This expense will cause an outlay that will be passed along to you, call it a tax or not.


These businesses, whether an oil conglomerate cracking petro, or coal burning manufacturer making aluminum billets, will have a quota based upon some enigmatic formula for exactly how much they may pollute. After reaching the maximum designated point, a large tax is levied.


Either the business is profitable enough to simply pay this levy, in which this increased cost is passed along to you the consumer at some level of distribution to retail (a hidden tax!), or our sample company purchases a piece of paper allowing this overage.


This is the “carbon offset credit” that gets companies out of liability for maxing-out on the arbitrarily set limits from the new “carbon administration.” These credits are not free, and must be purchased on an open market controlled by supply and demand.


And yep: This increased cost is also passed along to you, the consumer, in exactly the same way – our hidden tax again, rolled up in the production costs!


To make matters worse, markets trading futures and other derivatives will be subject to manipulation and fraud just as Wall Street was. Get it?


On a global scale, China could simply invent companies with no intentions of polluting at all, and yet achieve the right to own unused carbon offset credits. As unneeded, they simply get sold on the open market and become pure profit!


How could this example possibly be regulated in any feasible way?


Is this all some gigantic pay-off to Communist China – formerly Red China when we didn’t need them – as thanks for buying Treasury bills?


Show me an example of a country where a carbon-offset trading system has achieved a measurable result to anyone other than the Enron-like traders and the Wall Street stock exchangers!


Who is our success model?


Surely not England, failing in this arena just as they fail in socialized medicine decisions.


Predictable outcomes from “Cap-and-Trade” are more jobs going overseas as a result of lost competitiveness, coal states becoming more depressed, and mostly, a huge hidden tax in the form of increased energy expenses, some transferred in the form of transportation systems paying more for gasoline.


The game – and our fate – now rests in the United States Senate, where we have a last chance to stop this horrible tax increase legislation disguised as saving our ecology.


Need to vent yet? If not, then check your pulse! Patriots do not suffer traitors well.


The “Take Back America” rally is July 4th in Frederick at City Hall.


There will be an open mic.


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