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June 19, 2009

Saving The Planet vs. Controlling It

Joe Charlebois

Current initiatives to make the world a "cooler" place will simply fail. Why will they fail? They will fail because the current proposals as presented do little if anything to encourage activity through positive and enterprising methods.


Where they will succeed is in increased control over corporations through punitive and confiscatory means. Proposals such as the Cap and Trade initiative currently making its way through Congress will put a strangle hold on the growth and success of American businesses. Specifically the United States will lose what industrial capabilities and strengths that it still has.


It will fail to compete with the growing economies of China and India as these two nations will no doubt refuse to implement anything that will even remotely hinder their economic development and growth. This will put the United States economy at a severe disadvantage. Implementation of this would be that same as the United States declaring a unilateral disarmament during the height of the Cold War.


What should happen – if the federal government is going to step in – would be to incentivize innovation. This would reward those who look for unique ways to make automobiles, airplanes and factories more efficient and less toxic. Put the best minds in America and the world onto the task of creating a cleaner planet, not because of man-made global warming, but because it is right for the environment.


The continued hysteria that comes from the halls of Congress, the environmental lobby and in the boardrooms of corporations looking to benefit from a cap and trade system is just that, hysteria. Environmental organizations, biased scientists, certain legislators, and corporations like General Electric, along with their willing accomplices in the media, have put forth only one side of the story. They have stifled debate by portraying opponents to these proposals as anti-science, "world is flat" ignoramuses.


Nothing could be further than the truth.


People, who disagree with the theory of manmade global warming, do believe we should have clean water. They do believe we should have clean air. They believe in alternative and cleaner fuel sources. They believe that polluters should be held accountable for the damage that the do to the environment.


What they don't believe is that man has caused the earth to warm. Those who are skeptical have the facts on their side.


According to most reputable sources, the last 100 years have seen an increase in global temperatures of 0.8 degrees Celsius. Even with the most sophisticated tools at our disposal, and the use of ice core sampling, we can't accurately know what the mean temperature of the earth was prior to the 1900s. How can we definitively state where we are in the earth's climate cycle?


The temperature data that was collected early on in the last century is based on information collected from buckets of water pulled from the sea and measured with handheld thermometers. This method differs greatly from the extremely accurate satellite measurements taken today. Only going forward can we measure temperature changes "apples to apples."


In the 1930s when only two billion humans roamed the earth, we realized the warmest temperatures on record. That record is based on the temperature readings that have been taken over the past 100 years. This past century represents 100 years of a possible 4.5 billion years in which "accurate" measurements are compared. How can we possibly be so arrogant as to know that we – the human race – can be responsible for global warming/climate change? We can't possibly know what effect we have caused, if any, especially in the 1930s.


What the activists also leave out is the fact that increased solar activity causes increases in temperatures. They also leave out the fact that warming oceans can be caused by increasing volcanic activity.


What is interesting is the fact that over the past decade there has been a mean decrease in the temperature. How did that occur? One can only guess. But, due to the last decade's trend of cooler temperatures, the manmade global warming activists realized they needed to change focus. They consulted their strategists and pollsters and realized that changing the term to 'climate change' would be more conducive to their end goal.


Climate change encompasses everything. How can you go wrong? If it gets hotter, man did it. If it gets cooler, man did it. If there are any unusual storms, man did it. It doesn't matter what happens, it needs corrected, and it needs corrected now!


The earth's climate is changing; it always has and always will. The fact that there are those who believe that man is responsible for this hold a very myopic view. We can't control the sun, volcanic activity, or the wind. We can't even predict tomorrow's weather, how can we say what will happen 20 years from now?


What many of those outside of the power loop of climate change activism don't realize is that they are being played through emotional pleas. The goal of these groups is not to save the planet but rather to control the planet. The legislation that is proposed will end up controlling corporations through insidious taxes that – if not destructive to industry – will inevitably cripple the economy by shifting the tax burden to the American citizen.


The adoption of cap and trade will see the blue collar industrial age of America disappear forever, with the winners being those with economic interest in seeing that happen.


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