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September 9, 2002

Learn Today So Youíre Better Tomorrow

J. D. Hulse

There are very few times when I censor what I say.

I donít often think about the words that flow from my mouth because they usually revolve around direction for work or a pleasantry for a neighbor or a stranger on the street.

Words, how they are delivered, mean a great deal.

I have to admit I have the TV on when I am alone in the house because it brings me comfort. I know there is someone in the house besides me. Almost like having a friend in the next room chatting away, while I do chores. And Iíd like to thank them.

My partner likes to make fun of me for my "obsession" with the Golden Girls. Okay, Lifetime Television, that "woman channel."

Yea, okay, itís on very day Iím home at 9 A. M.

Wanna make something of it?

I am comfortable with my maleness. I can admit that watching/listening to a bunch of middle age(sorry Sophia, elderly) women is a secret treat (a passion really) because Iíve learned so much.

1. Above anything that is going on in your life personally, your true friends will always call you on the carpet when you are making a complete fool of yourself.

2. They will always be there if the above issue goes wrong and - hopefully - make it better in the end (only if life could be lived in sitcom time)

3. Humor IS the best medicine.

4. A friend will always be there for you and love you no matter what stupid mistakes you make (and will always return the "original" dress if you bought it first).

5. Any problem or crisis can be resolved with cheesecake, and if itís really big, an ice cream side.

So much has happened in that house. (More living collectively than most homes in this country).

With the stock market going "South" and the world in turmoil I can only hope that if I survive that someday when I am old (and I plan to be) that I have a group of caring, daring, sexually aware people around me.

I have that now, to a certain extent. But they all seem to be older. I listen; I learn and, above all, do not travel with cheesecake (hello cholesterol!)

I guess the best that I can hope for is to learn from them and hope they appreciate what I do and hear every word they say. Locking it away for the future when I can bestow wisdom on someone who looks after (and cares for) me.

Some day Iíd like to say "THANKS FOR BEING A FRIEND."

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