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June 8, 2009

Just Get Over It!

Steven R. Berryman

Finally, some answers to persistent probing questions as to what is apparently the death of the old two-party political system, and the promised bipartisanship of our Messiah-president. As stunningly simple as it sounds, no matter the issue or facts at hand, get used to “We won, you lost; just get over it!”


This comes from the radical man who would be everyman’s president.


But, there must be an actual defensible rationale for closing car dealerships like those of the Fitzgerald Auto-Mall and Jim Coleman Cadillac…where cutting off the auto-franchise is a forced solution to solving the dysfunctional businesses of manufacturers Chrysler and General Motors.


Congressman Roscoe Bartlett became personally involved in the issue, as “Maryland’s Congressman,” and got nowhere, despite heroic efforts. Interestingly, the retail level dealerships own their motor vehicle inventories, so shutting them out of cars solves nothing.


As Dr. Bartlett continued to press for answers, he stated that he was continuously informed that there is a direct connection between Republican partisanship and the dealers being closed. Of course, small businesses in general have come under direct large format political attack in the guise of stimulation and salvation by this administration.


This is due to the fact that small business owners across the land are primarily Republican affiliated.


Perhaps a coincidence?


Or, is this in part a plan for long-term national political domination by Democrats? Dismantle your opponents’ power base…


But that’s not the point; we want to know why closing dealerships – making service more difficult, driving up costs to consumers, and reducing the physical presence of the very cars that must be sold by Detroit – is a correct and appropriate solution to the demise of the American auto industry.


That makes about as much sense as does forcing up the CAFÉ standards for overall average fuel economy in a car line.


Pressing harder, if you listen closely, again you will hear the real answer – We won, you lost; just get over it!


While having my Grand Marquis serviced, maybe I’ll see you at the new Jiffy Lib!


Pressing harder, down to the nitty-gritty economics of forcing the incumbent inefficiencies of Carbon Credit Cap and Trade….and the underlying illogic elicits the same answer; essentially “we do this because we can.” …as opposed to because we should.


And…how can our foreign policy have drifted so far that what was once “peace through strength” – garnering respect and emulation – has morphed suddenly into “peace via apology? The latter invites not more cooperation or solidarity, but announces to the world that we’re not so special or deserving; we’re just like you.


So, as we are now instructed to be “role-models” instead of dictating terms to the international community – born of the principles underlying our Constitution and ethics – are we expected to “lead by example?”


Get it: nobody wants to emulate a person – or country – bragging about being just another nation! Nations want to be better – standards of living with pride – and will compete to get there!


Should not our president be the ultimate proponent of “American exceptionalism?”


How does President Barack Obama get away with this turn about in philosophy and why has it been permitted? Do you really want to know? With the other two branches of government now fully complicit, you can count on: We won, you lost; just get over it!


But we are special. Any cursory examination of American history will show this; but alas, more and more our texts don’t make the cut of politically correct “educators.”


Why the need for guilt on a national scale for our greatness?


The cost is to American unity and patriotism, once valued concepts, as I am reminded while writing during the anniversary of the D-Day invasions of Normandy.


Further…Is it not appropriate to question the affiliations of a Supreme Court nominee? In the past we had abortion as a litmus test.


Today we simply want the answer to the much-publicized issue of Judge Sotomayor repeatedly claiming that decisions from a Hispanic female jurist with a background of poverty trump the same from any white male equivalent.


Upon questioning, our president offered up on her behalf that this was a “poor choice of words” that he is sure she would take back if she could.


But this was no Freudian slip, and further evaluation listed several supporting and similar statements by her.


With candor like that, backed by the national apologist-in-chief, why even bother with: We won, you lost; just get over it!


Should we rush to the ObamaCare national healthcare system? The main change being that those currently paying for insurance will also start to pay for those not paying into our system. With this event to surely increase wait times, increase bureaucracy, cause the government to prescribe your treatment, and make medical treatments such as MRI’s prohibitively priced out of reach.


Upon analysis, the above would benefit the entitlement class disproportionately and drag down middle-class families with multiple children to care for. But upon specific questioning on the “why” of it, it becomes clear that this, along with the labor union pandering, are just variations on campaign promise paybacks.


This is obviously not a stimulative program as advertised, but shifts wealth around at enormous eventual net national expense. So we question…and…


Dig deeply as to the underlying logic and with enough persistence, you will eventually get to: We won, you lost; just get over it!


As rationality is banned from public discourse – excused as not necessary any longer – one must wonder whether the real answers to these and similar reasonable questions almost belie a political agenda focused on deconstructing the adversarial system in America.


We are systematically becoming more easily controlled without our checks-and-balances. This is made worse by a tremendously weakened national press corp.


And as newspapers fall and become easily influenced by benefactors, the process further metastasizes.


These most important of question-askers – in defense of the public interest – have now been successfully co-opted and conditioned to simply accept.


With dissent becoming a career-ender you then take: We won, you lost; just get over it!


How utterly unacceptable.


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