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May 21, 2009

Entertaining Entertainment

Roy Meachum

Somehow entertainment became a negative word in the theatre. Maryland Ensemble Theatre could change that. "And the World Goes Round" makes a case for evenings that are entertaining, not uplifting, carrying messages or making the world a better place.


In a truly ensemble production at the old Francis Scott Key Hotel, director Jenny Male created a lovely mélange of songs from the hands and the souls of composer John Kander and wordsmith Fred Ebb. Newcomer Becky Day fits right in with Karen Paone, Nick Mullinix, Ryan Brown and Julie Herber.


In charge of the music is Alison Shafer, who made a full symphonic orchestra from her two-person crew. A special brava for Ms. Shafer!


You may not recognize their names. But Kander and Ebb are the guys responsible for "Cabaret," "Chicago," "The Kiss of the Spider Woman" and "Zorba." Along the way they turned out Frank Sinatra's megahit "New York, New York," which turns up closing the show! But in an offbeat style.


Much of the evening with MET is unexpected, although songs like "Mr. Cellophane" and "Cabaret" are more than familiar. The combination proves more than a winner. The show will be very entertaining every weekend though mid-June.


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