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September 4, 2002

Where Have All The Letters Gone?

Al Duke

As a fairly regular reader of the local press, I had expected that - with so many interesting competitions in the upcoming primary election - there would be many, many letters to the editors of the various media (including However, those that I do see, though informative to read, are small in number.

There are some campaigns that will be decided in the primary. Dalton/Keller (in alphabetical order) for Clerk of the Court is one that comes to mind. Where are the letters of support? Where are the letters telling me who I should vote for?

Other campaigns will have decisive primaries. The candidate moving forward to the General Election will be chosen. The District 4 Senate (Brinkley/Ferguson/Gray) and the District 3A Delegate (too numerous to mention) and several other races are very competitive. Who should I choose? Please tell me.

The County Commissioner race in both parties and the non-partisan Board of Education (BOE) race both have numerous candidates for the slots that move to the General Election. Where are the letters telling me what to think?

[And, as an aside, those independents (unaffliated in Maryland parlance), who wish to, may vote on primary day. There will be a ballot for those non-party registered people who want to vote for the BOE candidates, according to the Board of Elections in Winchester Hall.]

Every General Election is important. We select those who will govern us for the next several years, depending on the length of the term. The Primary Election is also very important. We select those in each party who will move forward to the General Election. We select those who are running for non-partisan office as well. It is important to choose the best candidates for the General Election. How can we know unless you tell us?

I know the vacation months are just now ending, and school is just now beginning. People are busy at this time of year. Take a few minutes and write a letter or send an email, telling the public, through the media, why your favorite candidate is the best one for the job. There is a week left before the primary. Just do it.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: will publish all letter received in support of any candidate for any office. Letters in the negative against a candidate will not be published after Friday September 6, so we must have them in hand by noon Thursday September 5. Please note that all letters must be signed and the author's telephone and mailing address must be included so that we can verify the letter came from you.)

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