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April 27, 2009

While you were outů

Steven R. Berryman

If you blinked at the wrong moment over the last few weeks, and rely solely on one part of the media paradigm for your news, you may have missed any of these following items. Not necessarily because of media-bias, but simply because we only have so much time and tolerance for added information in our lives:


A bit too late: The Obama Administration announced that it is relaxing the infamous “mark-to-market” rules. If you can recall back to the start of the current “Great Recession” epoch, this is the accounting rule blamed for the beginning of the re-evaluation and devaluation of held mortgage derivatives that started the dominos-a-falling.


The timing of this rule change is highly suspect in political terms as the issue then played a critical role in the outcome of Presidential Election 2008. Other issues simply went away due to the financial meltdown.


Re-emerging Taliban in Pakistan: One of the great unspoken wins by the Bush Administration was co-opting Pakistan at the beginning of hostilities shortly following our response to 9/11.


As a fractionated nation, the Pakistanis could have easily joined up with the axis-of-evil people against us if it were not for the famous: “You’re either with us, or you’re against us” speech by President George W. Bush. This nuclear-tipped, unstable state is literally being overrun by the resurgent Taliban Islamic zealots. Without a much needed dire warning from the United States, they may prevail. Under President Bush, they knew what to expect, and had stayed under thumb.


Death of the two party system: While you were sleeping, Democratic leaders continued to steamroll the GOP over the budget process, and pending legislation on healthcare and education. The Washington Post reported Saturday that “short cuts” are now agreed upon by congressional Democrats to pass up Republican votes and take legislation directly to conference committee.


The steep imbalance of power between the only two existing viable political parties has caused unprecedented polarization and animosity in America. When pressed to debate, many liberal Democrats have arrogantly taken to: “We’ve won; just get over it!”


Don’t blame the guns: On the Mexico swing, not only did our new administration Blame-America-First for the violence at the border by using our “demand for drugs” as an out for their cartels, but our guns were also made demons.


“The vast majority of traceable guns” used to commit territorial warfare were made in the USA” was the accusation. What they didn’t bother to clarify with was that, overall, firearms on the international market are generally not traceable at all! So, we get high marks for accountability and for culpability as a result. This convenient detail enables the apologists’ lie.


Banks want to become de-funded: Several banks that received TARP funding bailout cash for rescue have attempted to give the money back. The Treasury Department has said “No,” amazingly, as they seek to complete “stress testing” and assure that the institutions are healthy enough to do so. Does this defy logic?


Surely many bank presidents and CEOs worry that accepting their bonus money would come under scrutiny with the attached conditions of the TARP. The Obama Administration wants to keep its claws into as many banks as potential for possible “back-door nationalization,” impossible without making an investment, even though unwanted.


Who’s got the “illegals” issue?: It was evident that with a pending push for the “amnesty” of illegal-aliens – the millions already in-country here – by the “Obama campaign promise fulfillment department” that nobody wants to further develop or enforce laws already on the books.


National Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele has an opening here to take on this flag for himself and adorn the GOP. My read from the Tea Party Movements is that it’s a naturally owned issue for Conservative Republicans. First hand reports from five such Tea Parties confirmed this to me as I attended the April monthly meeting of the Center-Right Coalition of the that this was still a very open issue. Chants from the Tax Day protestors, the majority independent and/or right leaning, made it clear that citizens did not want jobs taken by – and costs incurred by – freeloading trespassers who skipped naturalization.


Heard about the Swine Flu outbreak yet? This virus is encroaching from Mexico.




Whatever happened to that Tax Day Tea Party thing anyway: In the aftermath, citizens paid their taxes on time as usual, and there were no arrests reported at the many events. CNN revealed their journalistic stripes in the process and generally discredited the cable medium.


Locally in Frederick, Mayor Jeff Holtzinger participated and spoke just after Congressman Roscoe Bartlett. It was not reported that he personally interceded to get an out-of-control protester with a Confederate battle flag under control. I was there and witnessed the dramatic encounter.


Notably present at our Tea Party were State Sen. David Brinkley, Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, and County Commissioner Charles Jenkins. All spoke. County Commissioner Kai Hagen watched from a safe distance in the doorway of Winchester Hall all the while. Frederick City Police Chief Kim Dine was not up front, and did not speak, but police coordination was excellent.


Notably present in front of our (old) school board building was Donna Crook, a member of the Frederick County Board of Education, who bravely spoke alone for the students’ priorities. Absent (and without a note) were Dr. Linda Burgee Frederick County Public Schools superintendent, and all of the other members of the school board. No doubt working on amenities for their new offices!




And upcoming: Wednesday this week will mark the GOP’s Lincoln-Reagan Dinner, and Friday-Saturday will be the Maryland State Republican Convention in Hagerstown. See you there at the Help Save Maryland table on Saturday.


…And that’s just some of the things you may have missed, if you blinked.


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