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As Long as We Remember...

April 20, 2009

Because Hope is not a Method

Steven R. Berryman

My name is Steve, and I’m a “right-wing extremist.” That’s how I would start an “AA” meeting if those letters stood for “activists anonymous!”


The sheer size of our government now is so large and out of control that it is now putting out watch-lists, as mentioned by Secretary Janet Napolitano, of the Department of Homeland Security, that highlight internal fears above our foreign enemies’ potential.


A meager half-apology followed to veterans groups only, but…


I wonder if she cleared her "accidentally intentional" disclosure, actually spewing a true prejudice, with our president. Surely there are firewalls in place and being reinforced for the insulation between them as I write this!


Organizations focusing on a single issue, returning war veterans, and the political Right in general were at the brunt of this message blasted out to all law enforcement communities.


“But the economy is bad” is the war cry; “watch them closely” is the reply.


As public dissent, with changing public policy in general, is being used as criteria for new “internal security measures,” potentially to be used against our own “loyal opposition” forces, we lose more than a modicum of our Liberty.


This at huge cost to our fair republic! Give me less security and more Liberty, I say, before this gets forever out of hand. Else…what is it that we are seeking to defend and to preserve?


Columnist Michelle Malkin covers this topic very nicely in her column: “Confirmed: The Obama DHS hit job on conservatives is real


The above concern was one factor in many making many “regular folks” decision to demonstrate at our recent Tax Day Tea Parties held throughout America. By my estimates: 1,500 “Parties” times an average of perhaps 600 participants each approaches one million attendees in total… more than a token signal that all is not well!


Couple this figure with the fact that only about one-in-10 having the urge to be heard and seen in protest actually had the time, courage, or opportunity to act upon it.


Another overarching reason for the gatherings across our land was the very real phenomenon of borrowing-spending-taxing as a continuum. The Democrats are certainly not the only offenders here, as the terminal phase of the Bush Administration began the chapter.


The next time you hear the answer that 95 percent of all Americans will get a tax cut, remember that this is based upon a single $400 payment to individuals. Yes, there are some excellent elements embedded in the stimulus plans; but, after year two wears down, you will most certainly feel an amount 10-fold larger than this hit you from shifted tax burdens coming at you from our state, local, and municipal governments.


The aforementioned will be left “holding the bag” and forced to be the bad guys with no other option. Only the federal government can print currency, even without wealth to back it.


The crowds knew this, as “out of control government” is not owned by a political party. Perhaps the reverse it true?


That said, THE PEOPLE are not happy with what they are now seeing. What President Barack Obama considers his “universal mandate” is to do virtually anything he wants, with “checks and balances” and transparent deliberations not in place to countervail his damaging overreach.


What has been substituted for any justifiable explanations of the various plans and bailouts, and stimuli by our president and his collegiate obfuscators, is the ever-present call for “hope.”


Well…hope is not a “method,” or strategy, any more than “terrorism” is a nation-state or a political party. Hope is a prayer, and terrorism a tactic.


Is it right that the American people are so angered about overspending as tactic, and so frustrated with the “wealth redistribution” social agenda disguised as progress?


Calls for remediation and explanation fall on the ears of a government unwilling to answer to the peoples concerns. The “we know best” attitude drove masses of humanity to the street.


The accountability is notably absent, causing intense frustration in Republicans and some independents, while many Democrats are still in the “just give the man the benefit of the doubt” mode.


The Congress has been violated by itself in rubber-stamping the Executive Branch. The courts continue to “legislate from the bench.” The answer is surely term-limits for perhaps both of these bodies.


But the political will to act upon these sentiments is continually suppressed, distracted, and subjugated, this by television network conglomerates shilling for the administration in a shameless display of support in a battle for ratings.


With the talk-radio media counterbalancing the above, just wait until the push for “localism” rules, which is newspeak for the old “fairness doctrine.”


The most worrisome and amazing demonstration of a conspiracy level of media-bias began as pre–tea party coverage by CNN to include the typically Libertarian leaning Lou Dobbs show. Motives for marches were questioned, and accusations of Right-wing funding and manipulation ruled the preamble!


And then a CNN reporter became an activist instigator on camera – fully becoming the story – in a “man on the street” shoot from a Tea Party: this, a must view You-Tube video!


A fair observation on the Tea Party as movement from a rational perspective can be found on columnist Roy Meachum’s recent work “Tea Party 2009” where the left-leaning author and yours truly agree that it was the empowerment and involvement of the people that was easily the most significant positive to be had.


But just how had we strayed so far from our original guiding principles and philosophy as set forth by our Founding Fathers in The Constitution? Have we become addicted to government-to-the-rescue and “hope” instead?


If the question is: Why did many concerned Americans take to the streets on “tax day” with more than just disparate reasons for anxiety, then…


The “answer is” the same as the title of this column.


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