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April 14, 2009

Naming a Puppy

Roy Meachum

One survey shows 21 percent of respondents object to the name (Bo) the Obama girls have chosen for their new Portuguese Water Dog puppy. Of course, it's plain dumb for any survey to ask. But, good grief! – one in five object to the name!


Instead the probability strongly exists they're knee jerking against the baby dog as a definite positive to strengthen the image of the nation's first black president. Less than three months after being sworn in, the Barack Obama hate cult is in full voice. Anytime he opens his mouth, there's a rush to line up and do him in!


On financial recovery, simply continuing the policies of his GOP predecessor brings out the stones in multitudes. Somehow or another his vengeful critics conveniently forget how the business of dealing with failing businesses, especially banks, started in the previous administration. In private conversations when the point is raised, anti-Obama individuals rush to modify. "Yeah, but…" is very big.


As anyone who read my column during the Bush years, I approved little that his administration did; his vice president came in high on my loathing list. But I cut him slack at the start. I blamed an inept bureaucracy for the 9/11 attacks. He did not become a target for my scorn and dismissal until Ahmed Chalaby conned the invasion of Iraq. (Mr. Chalaby was an Iraqi 20-year exile who wanted to ride to power in Baghdad on American bayonets. Incidentally, other people knowledgeable about the Middle East argue the Chalaby factor similarly.)


There were specific reasons I verbally chided based on the Bush administration's action. Naming a puppy was not among them. Mrs. Bush's attire existed outside my professional pale. The daughters could raise hell in local saloons, and they did. They were young and deserved to be left alone.


I am, by any standard, a journalist from the old school; after all it was Ike's first inaugural that I started work for The Washington Post. I belong to the generation that knew but chose not to report on Jack Kennedy's turbulent sexual peccadilloes. I still wouldn't. I never really understood what Bill Clinton's indiscretions had to with his fitness for the presidency. Neither did the voters. They elected him for the nation's highest office twice!


According to more serious polls that have nothing to do with the puppy's name, President Obama is still roaring popular. The calumny and low blows have not dented his standing among most people.


A fantasy flows around that the near-depression will take to its heels in September. I consider that fantasy, as I said. It indicates, however, that people still believe the president offers hope and positive thinking, the qualities needed to pull the nation out of its despondency. And that may be the worst nightmare for the people who aim knees towards Mr. Obama's groin and over such trivialities as naming a puppy.


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