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As Long as We Remember...

April 6, 2009

Our ‘Apologist-in-Chief”

Steven R. Berryman

News of the demise of America has been greatly exaggerated. Alas, one would never know it, though, as President Barack Obama disgorged his political capital recently on the tail end of the G20 economic summit.


The excuse making was in front of an audience of young European listeners at a sports venue, and the President of the United States of America attributed his perceived “drift” in our international relations to American arrogance.


I’m sorry, but who do you represent?


To many Republicans voting along party lines last November, this should not have been a surprise, as all of the national self-hatred was clearly evident even at that early date.


The Obamas had always loved who we “could become,” as opposed to who we were. Any pride in American heritage is notably absent to anyone paying attention without blinders.


Was our president somehow absent during his history lessons of World War II, and then the Cold War? Me, I don’t see the score from 64 years ago quite settled as yet!


Public dissent and increasing anger is now rising up in a palpable way in our country. Many crossover Republicans feel regret, and Democrats mute their braggadocio.


Tired of the trends and status quo of late? Are you “mad as hell and not going to take it any more!?” Do you subscribe to the new brand of American patriotism?


The upcoming “Tax Day Tea Party” movement is happening in Frederick and all around the nation on April 15. It’s a referendum on aloof lawmakers and is focused on their fiscal irresponsibility and the disconnected from constituents. It is also, in no small way, closely related to the above sentiment.


The “take our country back” spirit is a rejuvenation call to a loyal opposition lying in wait, encouraged by conservative talk radio locally on WFMD am930.


Thanks go out to two very different, but now interconnected talk show hosts, Blaine Young and Bob Miller, for leading the local resistance.  See: for details.


This is no “little Rush Limbaugh” parroting either. The support welling up both here, and also within our own Frederick County Republican Party’s Central Committee, can be both seen and felt, both by radio listeners and those in attendance of party meetings.


Internal party bickering by these Republican members, in the normal course of reinvention, is becoming solved and newcomers are being attracted.


Last Thursday the Blaine Young Show landed guest Bob Basso, famous for re-enacting patriot Thomas Paine on a You-Tube video for taking us back in time to colonial times just to let us know how our founding fathers would have felt to see what America has become in 2009.


The above video is a must see, is well worth the 6 minutes, and currently has over 2,100,000 “page views.”


See the “We the People Stimulus Package” here:


Further up the food chain of politics, the annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner will be held at Dutch’s Daughter restaurant April 29. Congressman Eric Cantor (R., VA) will be this year’s keynote speaker.


Quite the coup for our local Republican effort, only 250 seats will be available to hear from the House of Representatives Republican Party whip.


Details of this event can be found on


The congressman had a recent slot to speak his mind on Meet the Press, where he stressed restoring confidence in America as job-one in a national economic recovery.


It was nice to hear the clarity from this up-and-comer as his focus was all about keeping jobs and homes in the course of fiscal responsibility. By contrast, the opposition focus is on education, healthcare, and energy simply to solidify a political base, at the expense of the middle class tax relief.


The sheer number of attack dogs sent against Congressman Cantor indicates his rising star status. When he voted in favor of the 90% taxation of AIG bonus-getters, a relatively minor infraction, the story made all of the media outlets.


Even more incentive to get involved in our political process comes from Washington Post columnist George F. Will in “Bailing Out of the Constitution” March 29, where he posits that it is patently unconstitutional for our Congress to divest itself of reserved powers by simply handing over enormous blocks of money to the executive branch via the EESA (Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008).


Boundaries enumerated within the “separation of powers” are now violated as Mr. Will quotes from the advocacy organization, FreedomWorks, in the “non-delegation doctrine” of our Constitution.


See: for the column.


So much is on the table; so much is at stake.


So now, with information at hand, and an action plan for activism, or at least dinner, missing the Monday Frederick News-Post should be less of a test.


For you “hard copy” newsprint people, just click your printer icon now.


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