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March 27, 2009

Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!

Roy Meachum

Last Friday in this space, I alerted readers that the ex-mayor's campaign would concentrate on incumbent Jeff Holtzinger, a Republican. Jennifer Dougherty and all her claque mean to ignore her Democratic primary opponent, Jason Judd.


It happened Monday.


As suggested in this space, Alderman Marcia Hall's farewell to politics doesn't mean she resigned from the inner advisors to her friend, the ex-mayor. Quite the contrary. Ms. Hall's promised entry into the race threatened to shatter the passing unity forged by Sue Hecht. The aldermanic president might have produced a ruckus that could have weakened the momentum of Ms. Dougherty and all her hackers. Ms. Hecht didn't want that.


The delegate's trying hard as she can to get women elected to every seat in sight. Ordinarily, I would have no problem with that goal. After all, I recognize and acknowledge American males too long dominated politics at all levels. Ms. Hecht and her feminist allies are guilty of the same bigotry as their macho counterparts. They make gender the sole qualification. Even at their damnedest, the Good Ol' Boys did not hold on the lid that tight: Anita Stup and Fran Baker won races. And so did Ms. Hecht.


In this enlightened era, you would hope the best person available would be put forth and assisted by responsible people in the community, allowing for party preferences. And sex and gender have nothing to do with it.


No one can be so naïve as to believe Ms. Hall's e-mail about the current mayor and the way he's handled "buyout" employees is all about what's good for the Democratic Party. In part the statement must be construed as protecting herself; she spoke and voted for the package that has been harshly criticized, frequently unfairly. That's politics.


Executive Assistant Ron Tobin and Public Works Director Earl Reed hold their jobs – although their pay has been reduced to a beginning level. Furthermore, Mr. Holtzinger plans to keep them until his term ends, in mid-December. He argues it makes little sense to replace them with employees that would have to be "acting."


And I agree.


If the mayor's handed his hat in November, bringing on "temps" makes no sense. Ms. Hall should have been thinking about taxpayers instead of making a political point. In two months, a "newbie" can wreak havoc with the budget and send projects off in different directions. Jeff Holtzinger should be applauded at this point, not kicked in the shins. After all, 65 other buyout names are no longer in City Hall.


Marcia Hall's chief gripe, it turns out, concerns the lack of aldermanic input. She's right. The mayor should have run Mr. Reed and Mr. Tobin's by the board for approval: no question. On the other hand, when his advisors encompass all spectrums of the local rainbow, it seems foolish to kick up a ruckus when a readily available answer is at hand.


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