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March 20, 2009

Jennifer's Campaign Targets

Roy Meachum

By reading her sycophantic newspaper columnists, it's easy to see the shape of Jennifer Dougherty's current campaign for mayor; there were three others. Only one run for City Hall succeeded.


Considering that she lost at the polls her first and third races for City Hall, her try for county commissioner, and most recently she made no dent in Rep. Roscoe Bartlett's winning margin two years before, I don't really understand what she meant in the quote: "The ideas that you can learn after not winning an election are just as valuable as what you learn in an election."


By the simple act of announcing, however, Ms. Dougherty brought one Democratic wannabe to heel. On the spot ex-candidate Jack Lynch declared he would support the ex-mayor. Conspicuously missing was any allusion to rival Jason Judd, who has already acquired significant endorsements from party leaders.


Strongly recommending Mr. Judd was Andrew Duck, credited with running a crackerjack effort against Dr. Bartlett in 2006 – so strong that he napped during the Democratic primaries last year, which Ms. Dougherty won. Her proponents argue that she captured the city against the Republican congressman; she will have few problems downing GOP Mayor Jeff Holtzinger, that's what they say.


Reading fawning journalists and listening to her supporters lead me to believe Mr. Holtzinger is already her primary target; in the minds of the lady and her she-can-do-no-wrong chorus, Jason Judd is scarcely worth their time.


However, the "other Democratic candidate" drew over 200 strong for his official announcement at Café Nola where there was a shortage of space to move about. He was introduced by long-time Mayor Ron Young, who soundly thrashed Ms. Dougherty, in 2005. I was there. By comparison, the city's first female mayor's backers at the sparsely attended Monday press conference were outnumbered by the media. I was not invited, but I trust sources.


For all sorts of reasons, especially her ego, Jennifer Dougherty will run against current GOP Mayor Jeff Holtzinger even in the Democratic primary. She might acknowledge criticisms from the Jason Judd camp but only when they seriously sully her self-image as the unfairly deposed queen graciously willing to accept back her crown.


Her superior attitude will not survive the first serious survey of Frederick voters! Count on that!


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