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August 21, 2002

There Senator Mooney Goes Again!

David 'Kip' Koontz

"Well, there he goes again" was a phrase used effectively by former President Ronald Reagan that helped him win election.

In Frederick we need to apply it to the behavior of State Senator Alex Mooney.

This time is seems the sanctimonious senator may just have accepted a contribution to his campaign for $10,000 from a group called, "Education Maryland," a group SS created.

Hmmmm. Maybe it is time for SS to get down off his pedestal and start answering some questions about his abilities to function effectively as a legislator in light of all the snafus he's getting caught in lately.

Of course, SS's campaign manager, Ms. Erin ("I'm going to infiltrate Sue Hecht's campaign") DeLullo is at the quick and ready with another lame excuse to cover-up a potential liability to SS's re-election chances.

Ms. DeLullo claims that the money was actually a repayment of a loan that the campaign made to Education Maryland and that there was simply a clerical error that noted the monies in the wrong column.

How is it, though, the Mooney campaign shows no loan being given to Education Maryland to begin with?

Did those who donated money to the Mooney campaign want him to spend their contributions on a pet project that he dreamt up?

One has to wonder why SS's campaign treasurer Laura Peterson left and was replaced by Eric Dallavalle on July 19th.

According to sources, there has been other turnover of treasurers of his committee during its existence.

Can one question, did people simply leave over ideological differences or time restraints or were they being called on to do things that were against their better judgment?

One may not know but with those things that have recently come to light, one has to question if it's a policy of "anything goes" at the Mooney campaign coffers?

After all, $600,0000 is an awful lot to slush around in.

Unfortunately, the reality is that we may never know for sure as Senator Mooney has learned dirty politics and political tomfoolery at the feet of his uncle, Xavier Suarez, whose election to mayor in Miami was overturned for voting irregularities and fraud.

Wait, Mr. Suarez got caught didn't he?

Maybe we will be lucky after all.

(Editor's Note. Mr. Koontz is the treasurer of The Defeat Mooney Committee.)

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