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March 9, 2009

Twitter Me This!

Steven R. Berryman

In an age when the president is only now just picking up on the notion that his public statements and the stock exchange fluctuations are related and important, why is he inviting a business-celebrity from the social networking website, to the White House for cocktails?


Twitter co-founder Ev Williams was invited and – if anyone is missing the irony here – his free web based service has never turned a profit! Even with six million users as reported by Nicholas Carlson in the Silicon Valley Insider.


Why should we take advice from this novice Twitter?


Presumably it was part of a “young business leaders summit,” but shouldn’t we be focusing on learning from actual profit making enterprises, like Microsoft?


What teeny-bopper girls, typically 12 years old, use to communicate has become President Barack Obama’s most important and secretive method for communicating with his political base.


The uniqueness of the Twitter concept is that it connects communications from a home-based computer to a texting feature in a cell phone, in real time. And a lot of people at the same time is a feature.


Kind of reminds one of AOL’s Instant Messenger (IM) feature, doesn’t it?


Kids love it, as they seek the immediate gratification.


This may be the main way the assault on conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh has been perpetrated, from the White House War Room.


Obviously this is White House influence-peddling by deciding for the market just who the “winners and losers” are going to be. Buy Twitter!


And is this a political payoff to the most cooperative Twitter for services already rendered campaigning?


Another example of this power brokering Obama style was when some banks were arm-twisted by the administration to unwillingly accept relief money from the TARP funds, ostensibly so that the entire line up of financial big boys was equally beholden, and therefore malleable to government influence and decree.


That said, embattled Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has been challenged recently for overstepping boundaries in front of the national stage of “Grand Poobah” Rush Limbaugh…pulling an “I’m-in-charge-here” moment right out of the Alexander Haig playbook.


Surely ex-Maryland Lt. Governor Steele can yield for at least a bit to a congressman for party leadership…


But, Michael Steele is nonetheless on exactly the right track in performing the critical course correction for all Republicans at the state and Local levels.


Mr. Steele was exactly correct that a strong emergent leader of the Republican Party was essential, and that communication techniques were essential to inform and enlarge the party base, especially among the newcomers and the tech-savvy younger people.


This person must be at once charismatic and tech savvy to lead the party, especially in light of CPAC struggles for attention.


It’s not just a war of communications technology, although Maryland Republican Central Committee Vice President Chris Cavey, a fellow writer here on has stated, along with Mr. Steele, a renewed focus on the method as well as the message.


Mr. Cavey full well understands that it is the tweaking – not twittering – of the platform message that will win back full support to Republicans. Obviously a confabulation of disenfranchised Bush-haters, along with the combined welfare class, cannot remain intact for another election cycle.


This despite demonstrable aspects of our “stimulus package” destined to make 50% of all Americans net “takers” instead of producers in our economy, at least from a taxation point of view.


Obviously growing the Democratic base supercedes national recovery.


At a recent soup kitchen visit by First Lady Michelle Obama, she was met with admirers awaiting their turn at the free soup by flashes from their cell phone cameras.


If you have to select where to be an entitlement class member, it seems to pay well to stay local.


I wonder if they also used Twitter on those expensive cell phones?


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