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As Long as We Remember...

March 6, 2009

Class Traders

Joe Charlebois

Those whose trade is to pit one income bracket against another to empower themselves in no way serve our nation. These class warfare instigators are akin to a head coach intentionally creating animosity between two of his own players. It doesn't make the team effective; they'll root for each other to fail; they'll never be championship contenders.


What we are already seeing from this administration is classic leftist policies. The majority party, and their leader, may believe that they are pulling up the middle class by confiscatory policies aimed at the extreme redistribution of wealth; or they may just be consolidating power with distinct voting constituencies by pandering to their every want.


What classic liberal – or even today's true conservative – values reveal is not an attempt to pit one group against another, but rather treat everyone equally. The left would lead you to believe that conservatives are only looking out for the wealthy and fortunate. This couldn't be further from the truth. Our society has grown at unprecedented levels compared to societies of the past.


Why? The free market has been allowed to flourish.


Real freedom exists in the United States of America. Or at least it did.


With each attempt to alter existing tax structure, an unintended – or intended – consequence results. Classic economics shows that an increase or decrease in taxes has ramifications.


When the government decided to raise revenue for "healthcare," it decided that an increase in the cigarette tax would bring in untold billions of dollars throughout the states. These estimates were based on a static number of cartons sold on an annual basis. What the left continually fails to understand is that we live in a dynamic economy.


Revenues brought in from that program were far less than expected, as it became a real incentive for people to quit smoking. This minimized the actual realized revenue that government expected to spend on "healthcare" (and social programs).


Conversely, when taxes are lessened the result is inevitably an increase in revenue; this has been proven time and time again.


So an increase in taxes during liberal administrations can't be seen as anything other than an ideological exercise in class warfare, not sound economic policy.


This begs the question.


When in this country did it become anathema to realize the American Dream?


In other words, when did the politicians become effective in demonizing those who achieve even modest wealth? When did success become synonymous with greed or amoral deeds?


This is the free market patient slowly bleeding out as the socialist patient benefits from a full transfusion at his expense.


The latest target that the Obama administration has in its sights is the decimation of charitable organizations. The "audacity" of the administration is plain and simple. President Barack Obama feels that by reducing the charitable deduction threshold he is punishing the rich that take advantage of annual charitable contributions to reduce their taxable income.


The administration believes that it will increase revenues by reducing this tax deduction.


What it will in effect do – whether intentional or not – is put the government in charge of charitable giving.


Mr. Obama, please reconsider. Those who receive the greater benefit of these contributions aren't the rich. It is the single mother who goes to the cold weather shelter in the middle of January who is turned away because there is no further funding to keep it open. It is the man who has been unemployed, his unemployment benefits exhausted, who heads to the food bank but the pantry is bare.


The United Way, and all of the organizations that fall under its umbrella, will see a significant drop off in giving. Churches throughout the country are often the greatest benefactors of charitable contributions. These funds go to support those truly in need. Their missions will be greatly affected and people will suffer.


The administration believes that it will capture "lost" revenues by reducing this tax deduction. What it will in effect do – whether intentional or not – is put the government in charge of charitable giving.


The continued tinkering with the U.S. Tax Code to bring about social change – at the expense of one economic group over another – fails time after time. Americans who succeed are not the enemy; they are the proof that freedom can allow anyone with industry to live the American Dream.


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