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As Long as We Remember...

November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving – and Remembrances….

Edward Lulie III

I used to appreciate Thanksgiving, or so I thought, as a time for food, family and friends, watching football, eating turkey and just relaxing. For over 35 years that was how my wife Beth and I always spent the holiday together. Since her death in January, my sons and I have been adjusting to life without her. It has been very difficult for all of us.


Yet good things have happened to us as well. In August I was hired by Frederick County’s State’s Attorney Charlie Smith as the Community Prosecutor under a grant from the State of Maryland.


Returning to prosecution has been a wonderful experience. My days have been long; but I love my job. Charlie is the best boss I have ever had and the staff and attorneys that I work with are just great. Being back again in the State’s Attorneys Office as a prosecutor and working alongside the Frederick City Police on active investigations is something that I look forward to every morning when I get up.


As part of my new job I started doing ride-alongs with the Frederick police to get an idea of the problems they face. My very first ride along was with a terrific – and really dedicated – Frederick City Police Officer – Richard Mark Bremer.


As we drove through his patrol area, he tried to teach me everything he could about the problems he encountered. He was enthusiastic and motivated. As we got to know each other, we talked about our own families and about my new job. We talked about football as well as school. He told me how much he was looking forward to seeing his children grow up and play sports (as he had done).


I learned a lot in those few hours during that shift. I never dreamed that just one month later I would be attending his funeral. Officer Bremer, as most people know, died in October in the line of duty. He is greatly missed by those who knew him.


I know personally how hard it has been for me and my sons after Beth died. I can not imagine how Officer Bremer’s wife and children are now coping without him.


Please say a prayer for him and his family. And if you can make a donation, here is the address: Mark Bremer Memorial Fund, Fraternal Order of Police FSK Lodge 91, P.O. Box 808, Frederick, MD 21705, attn: Charlie Snyder


I enter this Thanksgiving holiday only too aware of how fragile life is. This Thanksgiving season I have resolved to not only give thanks and appreciation for those people in our lives, but also to remember those less fortunate. This is a time for remembrance and giving thanks, but also a time to share with family.


To everyone I send my very best wishes for good health, friendship and happiness this Thanksgiving holiday season. May you find good food, great conversations and a football game or two to watch.


Most of all, though, take an extra moment and give each of your family members a special hug. It’s one gift that you truly can not give away, as you will always get one back.


Happy Thanksgiving!


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