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As Long as We Remember...

December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Chris Cavey

Bet you didn’t expect a letter from the “Republican Family” this year. Well, surprise, we’re alive and well. Just sending an annual holiday note to catch you up on some of our family’s happenings and highlights of the past year.


First of all, sorry, we missed you and your votes at the polls this past November. We were prepared and had been expecting you. The older kids, Johnny and Sarah, were disappointed they had been hoping against all hope to see you – perhaps next time.


This past year started out like every other year; in January the children headed off to the Annapolis school for three months. The school principle, Mr. O’Malley, once again, either picked on our children, or just totally ignored them. I don’t know what is worse. They have lots of good ideas, and it is sad the treatment our children had to endure.


It especially didn’t seem very fair due to the fact our children are good with math and Principle O’Malley is not. He currently has the PTA in red numbers, again, because of over spending and is hoping to raise some additional money on a future casino night. We’ll see what happens.


We are additionally sad for the children because the staff members, Mr. Miller and Mr. Busch, also like to punish them, too. Our children are rarely called on in class and get credit for few, if any, class projects, but they keep trying. It hurts to see their many good ideas go to waste.


Frankly, there is really no reason the staff should treat any of the children at the Annapolis school in a discriminatory way, but they do. Perhaps sometime in the near future you can help us reprimand them for their actions and have them replaced.


As you might remember, last February Johnny came to visit for a nice dinner in Arbutus. What a great time. Four hundred of you were able to attend. We had lots of national media and Cousin Bobby stopped by to say hi, too. Just days later Johnny won his “regionals” and was excited that he would be making the “finals.”


A few short months later Cousin Bobby held a big party in downtown Baltimore and raised $1.2 million for Johnny’s campaign. Too bad it all went to out-of-state tuition and none could be used right here at home, but we made do, working the neighborhood for additional support.


For our vacation this year we attended the big family reunion in St. Paul, Minnesota. What a wonderful time. We visited with everyone; the triples – Mitt, Huck and Rudy; the Bushes and the Cheneys; and naturally Uncle Fred was there, too.


Cousin Michael, the big FOX News TV star, got up in front of everyone at the reunion and made us all very proud. He has been doing a lot of traveling since we last got together, so it was good to catch-up, take pictures and chat.


The hit of the reunion was Sarah. She blossomed into a media star – no longer the little-known, distant cousin. She “wowed” everyone at the reunion and was so popular that she was even on Saturday Night Live!


Johnny took her under his wing and they traveled everywhere, meeting Johnny’s friends in preparation for the big national contest in November.


Sad to say Johnny and Sarah lost the contest. The family has discussed why many times. Perhaps they were unprepared. Perhaps Cousin George made too many mistakes. Perhaps they could have used a little more family support. Who knows?


Regardless, that contest is over and, as I have told the other children, its time to move on. The guy that beat Johnny seems to be a little too slick and inexperienced. I read he has some questionable friends, too. Hope he does a good job; you know his family is not known to be too good with math either.


Anyway the family is alive and well. We have dusted ourselves off and are preparing the children for a new year at the Annapolis school. We’re looking forward to Sarah visiting soon and perhaps some of the other cousins later this year. Hope to see you at one of the local family events.


Merry Christmas, take care and keep the faith,


Cousin Chris


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