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As Long as We Remember...

December 4, 2008

Proper Packaging and Wrapping Paper

Chris Cavey

This weekend the Maryland Republican Party will hold its winter convention in Annapolis. Contrary to what many might think the semi-annual gathering of the GOP faithful will not be a time of mourning and gnashing of teeth. Instead a review, revival and rebirth is expected.


Typical attendees are the members of the Republican Central Committees from each county and Republican elected officials. Most are insiders who have suffered through previous political battles and understand both victory and defeat.


Everyone knows how to work within his or her means and with the limited resources that are at the disposal of the state GOP. The marvelous gifts that belong to this group are resiliency and the “fire in the belly” to get back in the saddle and fight another day for Republican ideals.


This time, however, a new spark has appeared. Simultaneously across the entire state, within most county groups and Republican clubs, the idea of repackaging the Republican Party has spread like a wildfire. This will be the topic of discussion, at least unofficially, at this convention.


Friday evening the executive board, a group of all county chairpersons, will meet in a roundtable style and share briefly ideas both good and bad. This group will also hear from Republican leaders from both the House and Senate concerning their perspective of the state of the party.


Friday evening, after that meeting when all the faithful are gathered, the real discussions begin – outside the realm of official business. Like most groups, the best brainstorming happens in small informal groups networking around food and drink. It will be political buzz at its best.


Saturday the convention will officially convene. There will be the mandatory reports and formality like always but this time there will be a few twists. Counties will report on positive steps to improve the party in Maryland, and what can be done to re-package the Republican message.


This theme is not specific to Maryland. All across the nation the movement of revival is happening. Evidence is the hotly contested race for chairman of the Republican National Committee. The buzzword is communication of the message.


Our own Michael Steele, former Maryland lieutenant governor, is one of four people vying for this leadership role.  Mr. Steele, an excellent communicator in this own right, is challenging three gentlemen who have his same skills and all are also experts in new wave communication such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other recent communication channels.


Maryland Republicans are working full force in support of their favorite son, Michael Steele, to be the next RNC Chairman. He is the repackaging and the revival needed within the national party to lead for the next four years.


Regardless of who wins that battle, rest assured the Republican Party of the next four years will be forced into the realm of cutting edge communications technology. The trickle-down-from-the-top leadership will create a new generation of Republicans and outreach to many yet untouched groups.


Many Maryland Republicans understand this future and are jumping aboard the technology train now in hopes of future election gains.


They know that the message of smaller government, less tax, upholding our Constitution and defending our country is solid contents for inside the package. The key will be to decide on the proper wrapping paper.


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